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2007 Dodge Caliber ECU Repair

ECU Problems, drains battery and showing check engine and brake light.

Hey Scotty, thanks for the helpful vids! I was comtemplating if I should buy a 2007 Dodge Caliber for only 1000$. The seller is tired of its ECU problems, and wants it gone. He said that it needs a reprogramming and he tried to reset the ECU but it didnt result in a fix. Do you thinks it's a good buy, it only has 83000kms, and is in good condition. Do you think a beginner mechanic could take on this problem, and how much would it cost. Thanks in advance.

scan for codes...and did seller take it to dealer to have it reprogrammed for the car? or did he just stick one in there? or did he unplug the puter? see if you can get details...

He scanned for codes and got some engine and brake codes. He is an unexperienced about cars and just doesnt want it on his lot. He took it to the dealer to reset not reprogram. The dealer couldnt find out why there were codes, and suggested a new ECU. Im guessing it just need a flash, or a new or rebuilt ECU.

those dodges are crap, don't buy it

i guess it depends how much money you want to spend if you really want it ...your first fixing prob around 1k ..then who knows

yes a beginner that goes to school to learnn auto repair would...but otherwise no..the owner doesnt want to put the money in it so why would you?