2007 Chrysler 300 Errors

2007 Chrysler 300 Throws P0522 and P0645 Error Codes

Hi Scotty, my brother has a Chrysler 300 with the Check Oil light stuck on. I put my code reader on it and got back P0522 and P0645 Error Codes.

P0522 - Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Voltage

P0645 - Air Conditioner Clutch Relay Control Circuit

The oil had been changed recently. The previous owners knew the A/C was bad, so there's no surprise on the A/C error.

Have you heard of this error code, specifically P0522? Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.



you can google the "make model year and the code "...it should give you more detail specified to that exact car ...

replace the oil pressure sensor and PRAY it's just that

chrysler has a 300 forum online...and it repeats on and on about that code...appears problematic ..can even lead to replacing puter? wow...i def agree with scotty