2004 Nissan Murano

Possbile front CV bad, front passenger ball joint replaced still making odd clicking noise when turns are made.

I have an 2004 Nissan Murano SL 125K CVT transmission. While driving if i made sharp turns there was a clicking or cracking noise. After investigating I had the front passenger ball joint replaced and both wheel barrings. Yet, theres seems to be a soft clicking when I make turns, or slowly roll without pressing the brakes. I'm still thinking its the CV shaft, my husband said theres no tears in the boots, and everything is fine. I know something isn't right my mechanic also didn't find anything either. Just want to get an outside opinion.

"PS I do most of the repairs myself more than my husband knows how to do.."

they do that all the time on those muranos, I see the shafts wear internally without the boots cracking. Since Renault merged with nissan, their quality has gone downhill

I figured as much.. Ill see about having them replaced then thank you so much