2003 Ford Ranger Edge 3.0 Start Problem

Scotty, I've been watching your videos on youtube and they're awesome.

Hi Scotty, My Truck is having a problem starting after it reaches operating temperature. In the morning when it's bone cold it starts like a dream. But after I drive it and get it up to temp, if I stop and shut it off, I can't get it started? No check engine light. I got advice some someone that told me to change the Crank and Cam sensors. I did...no change. I'm going to change the fuel pump relay for the heck of it, it's easy enough. I believe I hear the fuel pump prime up consistently? Sometimes in my rage I might not be listening. ( : I have no trouble at any other time. Only when it reaches temp?

that's one big ass baby. Often flooding out fuel injectors do that. See if plugs are flooded out on a hot restart first. If not that, often weak fuel pump pressure which you can also test

Haha! Yeah, I cried like a big ass baby when i had to walk the five miles home. Okay, I'll check those things out.

Well, now i don't hear the fuel pump priming up at all. Swapped out the fuel pump relay with one next to it, no change. Then, check the inertia switch button, it's good. I think the fuel pump is KIA. I'll check the fuse and pressure in the morning.