2002 Saturn Vue 250,000 miles stuck in 1st gear!!

I cannot shake my manual stick shift out of 1st gear

My Saturn is stuck in 1st gear... I replaced the gearshift cable adjuster, hoping that would be a quick fix but still...stuck in 1st gear. I am not a mechanic... but I can catch onto things video wise... What would my next move be?? Master Slave cylinder??

I need help!!

Additional pictures!!

This happened to my Toyota pickup once, so I don't know if it will apply to your Saturn... but. The connector at the bottom of (i.e., directly under) my manual-transmission gearshift (apologies, don't know it's proper nomenclature) was plastic & had worn out. Ironically, guy at Toyota Dealership told me about it! Part was $3 + $89 labor to install it. Glad that guy saved me from some dishonest mechanic claiming that I needed a new transmission! Might be worth checking to see if that's your trouble.

My last picture is a cable adjuster..several on youtube said this might be the issue...so I replaced it...didn't work..

remove all cables and try putting car into another gear by hand. If it won't go into other gears, then tranny is shot. See that a lot on those junky saturn designs

remove cables from where? stick shift picture??

remove cables from where? stick shift picture??