2002 CR-V interior lights not illuminating when opening the door

Interior lights are not illuminating when opening any of the doors. Also, parking light doesn't come on when engaged.

Scotty, I purchased for my daughter a 2002 Cr-V with 26k actual miles from an elderly lady. It had some issues with the throttle position sensor, and I chose to resolve the TPS code by installing a new throttle body, got a great deal on eBay from a new Honda part. Now, I'm onto to talking another issue with the car.

The car came with a aftermarket key-less entry system that was installed at the dealer when the car was purchased in 2002. When the unlock button is depressed, the interior light comes on. However, when I try to open any door or the back hatch, none of the interior lights will illuminate. I unfastened the driver side door jamb switch, and I visually inspected the switch and checked for continuity when the switch is closed and open impedance when is was depressed. the switch looks like new, and it functioned normally. I noticed other issues that may be related:

  • The door chime doesn't sound
  • The emergency brake light doesn't come on in the dash when I pull the emergency brake lever.

I'm going to check fuses going to the multiplex control unit, but since the lights illuminate when the key-less remote unlocks the door, I don't think there is a bad fuse.

I'm wondering if there is multiplex control unit reset procedure. When I had purchased the car, the battery terminal was unhooked from the battery, and the battery was dead.

At this point, I'm at a loss as to what is wrong.

Thanks, Ken

that aftermarket entry system is generally garbage. But find the dealer that installed it and ask them how it's set up. Often they need resetting specially