2001 GMC Jimmy SLT

Four Wheel Drive, Coolant Smell In Cab, Low Heater Output.

Hey all I purchased a 2001 GMC Jimmy for two thousand dollars today. And the four wheel drive system doesn't work. ( It is throwing a code however and I am gonna find out what the code is ). It also doesn't blow much heat and you can small coolant while driving. But the engine hasn't overheated. So what could be wrong? Would like to hear some good opinions. Thank you all!

Note: Header Image is not my actual vehicle. Just a similar looking vehicle off the internet.

leaky heater core. Are your feet wet?

No. My feet are just fine

realize heater ores can just seep, not leak to the ground, but smell like coolant. Have a mechanic pressure test the cooling system to find if it's that leaking, or something under the hood that then seeps into the vent system and smells

Thank you Scotty. We are having the test done today. And thanks to your video I'm gonna try the UV leak test as well. Also gonna have them look at the four wheel drive system. I'll keep you all updated!

Hey Scotty, pressure test yielded no leak. So we are assuming it's the heater core. The part itself is cheap. Getting to the part is the fun thing. I appreciate your advice on this!

whynot flush the heater core out first before replacing? your heater might work better too..