1996 dodge ram 5.9l

1996 dodge ram 1500 2wd problems

Hi so I have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 2wd this truck has a new Transmition and rear end and engine the engine was the last thing that was put in I had a 5.2 l in it then put in a built 5.9 l with a big cam lifters retainers springs rods pistons the whole 9. But the cam I have requires a tune on it so I bought a hemi fever tuner and tuned it the truck idles great even with rev but if you drive the truck in drive or reverse the truck just cuts in and out and then dies don't really know what to do I also have a msd ignition thanks Aaron

realize you do that, they aren't made for low speed driving, period. If it runs fine at higher speeds, live with it using those mods. Or try to find a pro who could possible retune ignition and fuel system to make it run at lower speeds better

Ok thanks for the reply but I should have made it clear that it cannot even get up to speed with out cutting out and dieing but my fuel system in live data show that is ok the air fuel reads 10 to 14