Join the #NowWhat Campaign

#MeToo was a great start but the real question is #NowWhat? Let your voice be heard and ensure real change happens.

Strong women have opened the floodgates for meaningful conversations about sexual misconduct in the workplace. Gender workplace issues such as sexual harassment and pay wage inequality need a stronger, more unified voice.​

The time is speak empower.

We welcome any recommendations, comments or stories you'd like to share as we build this new movement together.

Let's keep this going. There are so many stories still hidden in the shadows. In my family alone, five women left jobs because the harassment was so bad.

Brava Neale for leading the charge

This is what sexual harassment looks like in 2018, when there are more ways to creep on someone at work than ever before—and perhaps, more confusion about what's off-limits. This campaign is long overdue. Thank Goddess for #MeToo.

I'm a high school teacher, and my first year teaching I was sexually harassed quite regularly by a group of male students. It got to a point where I was uncomfortable walking down the hallway from my classroom to my office.

It will take both men and women to solve this complex issue.

How do we deal with the residual anger that arises from finally talking about past experiences?


Yes! Yes Ma'am! In my company, when a woman manager or any woman is speaking in a meeting, I shut the ___ up! I support all women professionals in my firm by being responsive to them, assisting them and sharing information. As a Republican male, I am supporting women candidates for office this year, including Women Democrats. More women are running for office than ever before. These women are stepping into the ring against the good ole boys and they are going for the Knock Out!