If you’ve been looking to implement yoga with children, here are some of the best kid yoga books to help along in your journey.

Learning yoga poses can be fun and exciting, and by adding a book, it gives children another form of connection. Little ones have strong emotions along with the need to move, and yoga combines those both beautifully.

Calming activities are something I use daily with children, so I also have some favorite kid yoga videos and calm down bottles that go hand in hand with yoga books too.

The Best Kid Yoga Books and Stories

These yoga story books are a great way to get children interested in yoga and start learning about it and practicing it.

This book is a charming short story that cleverly shows how yoga poses can naturally be a part of everyday life experiences. While this beautifully illustrated book can be used to teach and practice yoga poses with young children by using it’s simple parent-teacher tools and guide at the back of the book, it can also definitely be enjoyed just as a sweet story.

Good Morning Yoga is a pose by pose wake-up story that encourages deep breaths in and out as readers are encouraged to imagine their bodies becoming many wonderful things through colorful illustrations and simple descriptive writings.

Good Night Yoga is the pose-by-pose bedtime story by the same author as Good Morning Yoga. This book encourages kids to end their day in a calming, mindful way as they breathe deeply and pose in various positions. Much like the morning book, the wording and illustrations are beautifully imaginative.