Mish - this is a great link. Thanks for posting it. It's tone is consistent with what I heard from a friend who spent two years as a Peace Corp volunteer in Togo.

CJ sent that link to me. He is free to post them.

Interesting that some people down vote this. Seems some people just can't handle the truth!

Refreshing to hear a first hand account of of living within the Senagalise culture. Alot of what has been observed and written is applicable to many third world countries. Most westerners never leave to go see for themselves; so the steady diet of western msm fills the void and helps propagate the absolute social nonsense going on right now. No matter how many billions of dollars are tossed at the "problem", the "problem" only atrophy's faster.

If you have spent much time in Mexico or much of South America. You find that the bribe and theft culture is also alive and well there. As well as the idea that tomorrow is a better day to get things done. I live in NM and see these ideals alive and well daily. I’m half Hispanic and free up in this state. But when you see your state as dead last in so many categories. You have to wonder why,

Not much different than African american culture here, in many ways. I worked in a AA dominate community in FL for decades. I know the culture intimately, in some cases better than some of the black ppl I served (at the end of it anyway). What are the laws of our western society, are not the laws in the black community. It doesn't work that way, generally speaking. SeAsia is also pretty sh###y.

Served as PC vol in Senegal from 1968 to 1970, then Zaire until 1971, then back to Senegal till 1972. Corruption and ignorance were minor in Senegal compared to Zaire.

In Senegal I lived in a rural village where everybody worked hard. The person who wrote this article lived in a larger town, so would have had a rather different "clientele" than I did. Unsanitary conditions? You bet! Shithole? I was comfortable there. People very nice. Learned to speak Wolof. Are you subject to diseases there that you would never find in the USA? Yes! But as an American PCV you had good care available.

So in summary the authors experience in an African community center convinces her that 3rd world immigrants are lazy and will contaminate our water supply with their poop. Could I volunteer at our local community center so I would be qualified to credibly insult the character of the people of all first world countries based on what I saw?

Yes indeed you can volunteer there Jeff, why do you ask and why haven't you done it yet? BTW you apparently avoided reading the experiences of the other people who have been to those African countries. You definitely need to go there and get real.