Trump Plays the Grinch in Christmas Eve Tweets

Trump lashes out at the Media and the FBI deputy director in a barrage of Christmas eve Tweets.

A reported by Marketwatch , Trump spent Christmas eve blasting his enemies. I added some extra Tweets.

Trump Goes After FBI

Fake News

Hillary/FBI - December 23

Journalism is Dead - December 23

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

This link is interesting... .... If it does not get one in legal trouble this seems to be best Christmas and New Year gift for the Senators and Reps who voted for the bill. Also one could be sent to Trump to show him how good it really is for an American Citizen. But given Trump he will find a way to brag about that too on twitter.

Trump is CONSTANTLY bashed with fake stories filled with anonymous sources. I was watching the NBC video from Twitter of him talking to kids on the Santa phone and it was sweet but when you look at the comments it's full of hatred towards him. The country is a mess and Trump didn't cause it, his election is a result of it. It's only going to get worse - enjoy your holidays :)

I have to believe that President Trump has a drop of sincerity and integrity. Obama, and those before him must have investigated Trump's dealings inside and out, backwards and forwards to try and find some filthy things that would derails him. They failed. Trump connects with the common people, although he is far from common.

It's Christmas time again, and we still have's great.

Despite the best efforts of the top people at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, to derail his campaign,Trump won the election. Then they went on a witch-hunt to get him out of office. It looks like with the revelations about FBI counter-intelligence top guy Peter Strzok's text messages to his married lover, Lisa Page, a FBI attorney, and connections between DOJ attorney Ohr and his wife with Fusion GPS who were funded by Clinton campaign to produce the Trump Dossier, we now get to see through a small window how all these guys in law enforcement decided they knew better than American voters and acted above the law.

It seems to be incredibly difficult to drain the swamp! But it must be cleaned up if our nation is to survive and become great again. Good luck Donny, you have an incredibly difficult job.

The common thread is hat Trump has been attacking multiple institutions. he seems to prefer a cult of personality and loyalty to the man in the white house. its not even about the institution of the presidency since he maligns virtually every former president as well.

Merry Christmas Mish. I appreciate what you do.