Trump Offers "Dreamers" Immigration Compromise: Price Too High?

President Trump made a proposal to expand citizenship to 1.8 million immigrant "dreamers". Can it pass?

As part of the temporary budget proposal that passed last week, the Senate promised to take up immigration reform. Today, Trump announced a compromise plan. He will allow up to 1.8 million dreamers to stay in the US.

The price is $25 billion for a wall, and other restrictions. Some on the far Right and many on the Left have ridiculed the plan.

Can Trump's "Dreamer's Proposal" pass?

President Trump’s immigration proposal to Congress will include a path to citizenship for an estimated 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants, White House officials said Thursday, more than twice the number of “dreamers” who were enrolled in a deferred action program Trump terminated last fall.

The figure represents a significant concession to Democrats but is likely to produce sharp blowback among conservative Republicans. The White House cast the move as one piece of an immigration framework that would significantly tighten border control laws.

Trump’s plan, which will be formally sent to the Senate on Monday, also includes a $25 billion “trust fund” for a border wall and additional security upgrades on both the southwest and northern U.S. borders. And the president will propose significant curbs to legal immigration channels, restricting the ability of U.S. citizens to petition for visas only for spouses and minor children and ending categories for parents and siblings. Both of those provisions are likely to engender fierce objections among liberal Democrats.



  • Criticism from the Right: Breitbart News calling the president “Amnesty Don” in a headline Thursday.
  • Criticism from the Left: “This is going to be dead on arrival. We are going to oppose it fiercely,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an immigrant rights organization. “We are going to expect every Democrat to oppose it. And the idea that they are going to exploit the desperation of Democrats and dreamers to take a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty is a non-starter.”

Amnesty Don

Trump Played Cards Well

Like it or not, Trump played his cards pretty well on this.

The Republicans will live up to their promise of addressing immigration reform before a final budget is approved.

Compared to his prior (albeit purposely extreme position) Trump will double the number of immigrants from his previous proposals.

There will likely be more modifications in favor of the Left.

Trump will get his Wall.

My Take

  1. Anything that gets criticism from the far Right and far Left cannot be all bad.
  2. The problem with the wall is that it attacks a symptom of a problem. Illegals come here for free benefits. Is the problem illegal aliens or is the problem free benefits, free education, free healthcare, etc.?
  3. Kicking out millions of productive immigrants who have been here since they were kids is absurd, immoral, and is economically unsound.
  4. Can the plan be better? Nearly anything can be better simply by ignoring extreme positions on both sides. I expect plan improvements, quite an optimistic position. I could be wrong.
  5. Democrats will be forced to take some compromise, not necessarily the exact one Trump proposed. The alternative is the "nuclear option" of limiting debate in the Senate based on 51 votes, not 60.
  6. No one is going to get everything they want. I am pleased with that aspect even though I am certain I will object to some parts of the final compromise.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

The libertarian in me wants to get rid of welfare. The realist in me believes we never will.

Read the details. The proposal is horrible. Trump is done so is the Republican House Majority. Low-energy- Jeb would have position something similar.

Less Mexican immigration will definitely be inflationary to construction labor costs. I have heard they are 50%+ of our construction labor. The white population is shrinking in USA (and world), average ages much older, and the few young whites don't go into the trades as much. Asians do not go into the trades (ever seen an Asian construction crew???). Indians do not. I almost never see a African American or African immigrant on a construction site. I do see lots of African immigrant uber drivers though. Mexicans do this work! And I credit them for it, it is hard, hard work and they are not afraid of it. 12 hrs in the sun putting roofs on housing, framing, etc... Not sure who is going to pick up that slack. Maybe automation? Modular building and 3D printing requiring less labor?

I hate to point it out to you, but Mexico's population is also slowing dramatically. The Ponzi scheme is coming to a close. Prepare accordingly.

Agree in some respect" SOME come for free benefits. Most/all come for opportunities - same as always has been.

Compromise is a dirty word - I wonder is it too late now? Is the US a dead man walking? I don’t think so - I think the whole world needs a financial reset and when it happens the US needs to be ready for meaningful change.

The solution is simple. Allow those into the country that will work and pay taxes. We have a bunch of lazy millennials who will not engage in "hard work" of any kind. Those hungry immigrants are what built our country originally. The immigrants should also be disqualified from collecting welfare for a number or years until they prove their ability to contribute. The DACA people should be given a path to citizenship as long as no criminal records exist and they are not living off welfare.


Hell NO. NO illegals. They ALL go BACK. THEN BUILD THE WALL.

Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone IS White Genocide.
Its a crime, not a policy option.

My country was my home, now its a hotel, and they think I'm going to be a waiter.

It's time to let diversity™ be somebody else's strength.

It depends. Will everyone vote in favor of what they want, or against what they hate?

Cecil. If you get rid of all immigrants, and descendants of immigrants, there won’t be any White people left in the US. Where will you go back to?

I have to admit there is truth to the genocide part. The ONLY countries in the world today that get a lot of immigration, are Caucasian majority nations (USA, Canada, Western Europe, NZ, Aus). Whites have low birth rates. Couple that with high rates of non white immigration, and higher birth rates among immigrants, and you do not have to be a mathematician to realize that in 100 yrs whites will be a small minority in many places they were once a large majority. Whites were once 80% of US no long ago, now 60% and in 25 years will be <50%. And most of that 50% left will be old folks. This will mean loss of voting and political power.

"Kicking out millions of productive immigrants who have been here since they were kids is absurd, immoral, and is economically unsound."

Productive = free medical, free school, free housing, special scholarships, stealing SSNs, fraud, crime, etc., etc. etc.

Kick them out and tell them to get in line like the rest of legal immigrants.

It is amazing America could even feed itself, get meat to market or build a house without the illegals that started coming here in the 1980s. Oh wait - WE MANAGED TO DO THAT for 200 YEARS. Stop with far left foolish memes.

"Mexicans do this work!"

This is the logical compromise. Those who currently live in the US and are not causing problems can stay. Going forward, we will still allow immigration, but it will be controlled. We choose who we want to live here, not an open door to whoever manages to cross the border.

"Illegals come here for free benefits." A minor factor. We should radically scale back the "free benefits," to enable more immigration, and for many other reasons. But immigrants come here to escape persecution or destitution or starvation -- or, at best, just for opportunity. You don't put your kids to sea in an overloaded, barely afloat raft for a welfare check. You don't hand them over to a coyote, to cross the desert, for the privilege to a county emergency room when you get the flu. Free stuff doesn't draw normally draw one from the land of your parents - desperation or ambition does.

it actually sounds like a reasonable proposal

probably should be expanded to allow for parents or grandparents, because lets face it immigrants often have older parents that need to be cared for and grand parents often serve as baby sitters etc

The last thing we need is more senior citizens.

Can we morally kick out all the 'unproductive' immigrants?