Secessionism Italian Style: Two Richest Regions Vote for More Autonomy in "Battle of the Century"

Voters in Lombardy and Veneto, Italy's two wealthiest regions, held autonomy referendums on Sunday. The referendums are considered valid but non-binding. The regions seek more autonomy over taxes and immigration.

Battle of the Century

The presidents of Italy's wealthy northern regions of Veneto and Lombardy proclaim Victory for 'Yes ' in referendums that seek to take powers and tax revenue from Rome.

"Veneto offers itself as a laboratory of autonomy," said Veneto President Luca Zaia. The two regions can "unify our forces so we can do the battle of the century," said Lombardy president, Roberto Maroni.

Both regions seek more tax revenue and more autonomy over such policy in areas including immigration, security, education and the environment. Those steps would require changes to the constitution.

Secessionism Italian Style

The article notes Lombardy sends $81.4 billion more in taxes to Rome than it gets back in public spending. Veneto's net contribution is $23.4 billion.

Lombardy, which includes Milan and Veneto, which houses Venice, are home to about a quarter of Italy's population and account for 30 per cent of its overall economic output.

"Our taxes should be spent here, not in Sicily," Giuseppe Colonna, an 84-year-old Venetian, said.

Step in Right Direction

Referendums in Spain and Italy are also just the beginning a wave that will eventually spread to other parts of Europe. They are also step in the right direction on a path to self-determination.

Now, if we can just get rid of California.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

The only Secessionist that would usher in change is to distance fromm the EU but they don't see that as the case. No problem solved, just window dressing.

EU spends 500M euro p.a. to promote itself so these people are brainwashed and don't see what they really need to do. Rome is not the main problem. Remove the Rome problem and you're still left with the EU issue and contributions. The EU will have to intercede to get money from these regions and pass it back to Rome. As for border and immigration control - not possible as free movement of people and goods is sacrosanct.'r.a

The brain washing is not working.


By all means let California secede. We send in more federal taxes than we get back.