Republicans Accused of Altering Bombshell Memo: Shut Up and Release It

This secret memo charade is getting old. Just release the damn memo. If it was altered, let's see who did it.

According to the the New York Post Adam Schiff (D) accuses Nunes(R) of ‘secretly altered’ potentially bombshell memo.

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee late Wednesday accused his Republican counterpart of pulling a bait-and-switch and sending a “secretly altered” version of a controversial GOP memo the White House.

Is someone parading around a fake classified document?

Is this some sort of trap? On which party?

There are more questions than answers here. I have a simple suggestion.

Release the damn memo, and if there is more than one competing version, release them all, and all of the supporting documentation as well.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

"we'll know what he has when his investigation is done. that's how this stuff works or is supposed to work." It didn't work that way with Hillary. There is no trusting it going forward.

#DrainThe Swanp

The dem/FBI argument is basically the same as someone being accused of a crime stating they don'

Trust? Who trusts politicians these days? The fake news is that they get elected by the people. The real news is that they take out tax dollars, pave a few roads to appease the people, and line their pockets with the rest. Yes I over exaggerate, they actually do more than pave a few roads. The rest is galled boondoggles.

t want to be charged because the charges are misleading. The way it should work is release the memo and let the dems respond.

"We'll know when his investigation is done." No, his investigation will never be done. The purpose of his investigation is not to "be done." The purpose of his investigation is to be an investigation - to provide an endless field for innuendo and a platform for scandal.


If Adam Schitt thinks The Memo has been altered, then he should be in favor of releasing it; then he can point out how it was altered. But until The Memo is released he can keep up his oral diarrhea m.o.l. unchallenged.

Schiff is not only a pussy he's an asshole. Typical democrat who refuses to acknowledge the facts. He a sycophant and never will admit the dems are a corrupt bunch of assholes using this as an agenda not to do their jobs, ie legislate and serve the country.

There are those of you who rightly despise our sociopathic president, and those who admire him, because he never suffers any pangs of conscience, is unburdened with archaic notions of compassion, and even fairness, who will do whatever he can get away with, without getting caught or punished. Those who admire our leader for
these qualities, (gee I wish I could do that) also despise the sociopath who lost the election, and for what reason? She just wasn't good enough I suppose. She was caught to use the term. Getting caught is all that matters, in a newspaper where Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood are the story in sidebar. We still don't know the truth, sociopaths rejoice, you can get away with it. Keep lying, half of America will always back you up.

"There are those of you who rightly despise our sociopathic president" Trump has never been clinically diagnosed as a sociopath. By the way, Trump helped fund a medical mission to Haiti, whose purpose was to help restore the eyesight of some 200 people, according to Rand Paul. Trump definitely has compassion.

and the Clintons have a global FOUNDATION lalalala.

Which bought a wedding for Chelsea and her multi-million dollar NY condo, and paid the Clinton's travel expenses, among other things.

hey my sociopath is better than yours, is tooo!

"hey my sociopath is better than yours, is tooo!" Neither one has been clinically diagnosed as a sociopath. But thanks for exposing your bias.

Schiff is a marxist liar, already caught in his latest lie. The memo was edited for typos.

I'll see your sociopath and up you two psychopaths and a narcissist.

Who needs cable when we have American politics?