Evangelical Values: Moore dated Teenagers for their "Purity"

The defense of Ray Moore by the far right gets more absurd by the day, as does the amazing hypocisy of his defenders.

Ray Moore, running in a special election for a US Senate seat from the state of Alabama is an accused teenage sexual predator.

Some believe that charge, others don't. The Republican National Committee is among the believers. It cut off funding for Moore. Key Republican leaders including Senate leader Mitch McConnell have asked Moore to step down.

Moore refuses. What's interesting to me is the rationale of those defending Moore.

Allegations Don't Matter, Even If True

Alabama Pastor Earl Wise told the Boston Globe that he would back Moore even if sexual assault allegations were true.

The Boston Globe interviewed nearly 10 evangelical pastors, all of whom said the allegations did not change their support for the candidate.

"There are some 14-year-olds, who, the way they look, could pass for 20,” said Wise.

Character Traits? Who Gives a Damn?

Nate Silver has an interesting column on the story: Care About Most Are Policies, Not Character Traits.

Roy Moore has been abandoned by Republican leadership in Congress, the Republican National Committee, and even some national evangelical leaders. But the embattled Alabama Senate candidate, who is facing allegations that he sexually assaulted, harassed or made sexual advances toward teenagers, still appears to have the support of a big chunk of his base ahead of the special election being held on Dec. 12: Alabama’s white evangelical Protestants.

A JMC Analytics and Polling survey conducted in the immediate aftermath of the first set of allegations found that most evangelicals (71 percent) said they wouldn’t dissuade them from voting for Moore.

For years, Roy Moore has positioned himself as a tenacious advocate for conservative Christian priorities like opposition to gay rights and abortion — even in the face of resistance from the government. He has twice been removed from his position as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. First, he refused to comply with a federal judicial order to take down a monument to the Ten Commandments that he erected in the Supreme Court courthouse. Later, after again being elected to the post, he ordered lower court judges to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry.

On the campaign trail, Moore has denied the existence of evolution (57 percent of evangelicals do as well). He has said that Ronald Reagan’s famous statement about the Soviet Union being “the focus of evil in the modern world” could apply to the U.S. — when asked for an example, he pointed to the legalization of same-sex marriage. Moore has suggested that the 9/11 attacks may have been a punishment from God because abortion and sodomy are legal. He called the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage “even worse” than the 1857 decision in the Dred Scott case, which found that African-Americans were property and not citizens.

“For evangelicals, Moore is the ultimate champion of the values mandated by biblical Christianity,” said Geoffrey Layman, a political science professor at the University of Notre Dame who studies religion and politics. “He’s established himself as someone who will fight for them even at great personal cost.”

Evangelical "Values"

It's unfair to categorize "all" Evangelicals in one bucket, but it does seem fair to put most of them in that bucket, assuming the Boston Globe report is close to being correct.

Unfortunately, the bucket isn't pretty.

Apparently, consensual sex between two adults is more problematic than a 30-year old man preying on 14-year old girls.

Consensual sex between two adults is also more problematic than the forced slavery of blacks.

He Denies It

Why Does It Matter?

Does it even matter whether Moore is guilty? Apparently not.

At least the pastor Pastor Earl Wise made that clear.

Today we learn this from another Pastor, Flip Benham: Moore dated 'younger ladies' for their 'purity'.

What about his purity?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

18 is just an arbitrary number. Which no legitimate government has any business making up, nor involving itself with. Either the girl in question is old enough to make the decision herself, or it’s up to the girl’s parents. If her parents find Moore an upstanding citizen for appreciating their daughter for her “purity….”, or if they fail to protect her from him despite not finding so, it’s still no business of government. And neither is it, if her parents do catch him in some sort of act, and decide to protect their daughter, by casually chaining him to the back of their pickup truck by the you-know-what, and drag him up and down main street for public amusement.

Creeps and Perverts may perhaps represent some sort of isolated problem, on some rare occasion. But compared to an unrestrained government making up arbitrary laws about things they have no business even being aware of, they a non-issue. If 18 was some sort of magical number, Moses and his Pal Upstairs wouldn’t have forgotten to note so, when they had their famous talk back then. And neither would the US founders, when they enumerated the laws legitimate government has any business involving itself with.

Now if Moore had, along with posting the 10 commandments, also shown his faith by limiting himself to those commandments; and thrown out the entire rest of the arbitrary lawbook he and those like him have built their careers around harassing people with; he just may be someone worthy of a date with a decent person’s daughter.

Don't much care for Moore, but some of the evidence and the allegations are fishy ... holding my judgment in reserve.

"We are talking about 14 year olds not 18". Well, no that is not correct. The group of accusers being generally referred to as teenagers include girls that were 17, 18, 22 and 28 at the time. A few were younger and yes that is creepy, if true. I am withholding judgement because the charges are unproven, and the one with the signed yearbook has not released it for handwriting analysis. The most suspicious part is that all this comes out just before an election. The term for that is political assassination. Just to be clear, I am not a fan of Moore. Just trying to be fair.

While I don't know the truth behind the allegations, I do know that if the media and the rest of the establishment are marching in lockstep to anything, you need to dig deeper, look in the other hand, and under the carpet while drinking a pitcher of water from the Great Salt Lake.

In this case, I would label the avalanche of sexual assaults a false flag. What triggered the avalanche? Pedophilia.

There is a reason the Weins"teen" and Kevin Spacey stories been swept under the rug? The pedophilia epodemic is the crime the establishment does not want us to discover. After all, know matter how liberal and forgiving a voter may be, there is one thing that everyone with a sliver of morality still in their backbone will not tolerate. Abusing a child on any level deserves the harshest punishment available. I think the sickest horror movies where conjured from the thoughts of father's who have imagined what they would ever do if they caught someone abusing their child.

It has been well reported by whistle blowers in the intelligence agencies that the NSA gathers dirt on everyone in power, and uses it when needed. So, of course the Deep State has known about the sexual harassment and abuse by politicians for years - they collected it. The fact they are pulling this card now is a clear sign that the bigger abomination of pedophilia is bubbling up from the swamp.

Throwing useful idiots under the bus is a common tactic of the Collectivist leaders, and yes the Clinton's, Charlie Rose, Conyers, Franken, etc. are useful idiots that are easily expendible.

Moore should step down.
Franken should resign.
Neither will happen, enough said.

Abusing power, whether the victim is an employee or taxpayer is unacceptable, but unfortunatley, common. Anyone found abusing children should be forced to bunk with Bubba in prison the rest of his life, at best. However, any adult that suffers at the hands of a superior needs to act like an adult and ask that the behavior be stopped immediately. If not, document the abuses, find witnesses or tape conversations, and then file charges.

A more controversial topic amongst some is the fact that historically women married older men for economic security. Men also mature slower, making a younger woman more compatible on many levels. It was Hollywood that sold the love at first sight fantasy, which based on the divorce rate has not worked out so well. Prior to socialism taking over, the kids used to also take care of their parents in old age. Now that the socialist bubble is popping, many things will change, including the idea that real men prefer bonds.

What's the big deal? Religious fanatics have been sacrificing virgins since the dawn of Man.

Humans are fundamentally tribal. We'd like to think we are rational. Some are. But the vast majority of people will happily defend members of their own tribe from the most heinous crimes, while attacking members of other tribes for insignificant indiscretions. It is the basis of why people are "sheeple" and so easily exploited.

The current allegations against Moore have but 1% of either the evidence or seriousness of the allegations against Hillary. Yet the media plays up the Moore allegations while burying the Hillary allegations (uranium deal, Arkancide, Seth Rich, Emailgate, Clinton Foundation corruption etc). So can you trust anything the fake media claims about Moore? That being said it would be disappointing if even one allegation is true. Then it would come down to voting for either a sleezy Moore or his even morally more repulsive rival (pro abortion, statist, muck racker)

BTW Mish, I'm pretty sure the "Evangelical Lady" in your photo was photoshopped. The sign on the left side - no way she is really holding that. And what's with the guy on right edge? Just sayin ~

It's an interesting time to be alive. Trust nothing you hear and half of what you see. I'm lucky to live where I live and do what I do. The world is getting uglier by the day.

Moore's Democrat opponent is pro-abortion up to, and including, partial birth abortion. That is pretty serious in Alabama. The worst accusations of Moore such as exposing himself to an underage girl may be false but it seems pretty obvious that, as a man in his thirties, he was seeking girls under 20 and attempted to pick up girls under 18.

This might be considered normal in some settings. In Gone With the Wind, the hero Rhett Butler is 33 when he eyes 16-year-old Scarlett O'Hara at a barbecue and is showing her around Atlanta only a year later. Scarlett's younger sister, Suellen, has a 45-year-old suitor, Frank Kennedy. Dad, Gerald O'Hara wonders why Frank Kennedy is so slow asking for Suellen's hand in marriage.

I'm reading "The Progressive Era" which is a collection of Rothbard's articles about (obviously) the progressive era and the events leading up to it. The roots of progressivism are in fundamental religion and religious groups attempting to gain control of the state. Politicians got on the bandwagon in favor of prohibition and suffrage even when on record opposing them and drinking in public. Sounds a lot like what goes on in the Middle East, with religion and the state one and the same.

But I guess because it is the Christians and not the Muslims I guess that makes it all OK.


Nothing Roy Moore is ACCUSED of doing decades ago by political opponents of dubious credibility and crystal-clear motives comes close to the very REAL damage Doug Jones (his Democrat opponent) PROMISES to do TODAY if elected. This is a real no-brainer.

What do they call a fourteen-year-old girl in Alabama? Mom.

Several mother's said Moore requested permission to date their daughters and he received it. Pedophiles do not request permission.
There are no reports that he had sex, sired d children, or initiated pregnancies which resulted in abortion. If he acted as a gentleman, he is more admirable than many of his accusers.

According to libtard thought. If an older man did have sex a teen, that is wrong, but if teens have sex that is normal and should be promoted as much as possible. Moore could be more honorable many oth e r men.

SweetKenny, where do you live? Don’t tell in Alabama.

Meh. The Deep State would never lie about a candidate they don't like. See how nice they are to Trump? People rightly are discounting these rumors to ZERO.