Dear Spain, Mainstream Media: A Majority of Catalans Want Independence (Stop Saying Otherwise)

Even though 92% of voters in the Catalonia election voted for independence, mainstream media keeps repeating the lie that a majority in Catalonia were against independence. Here's the real math.

Mainstream Media Lies

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal repeated this frequently stated lie "A majority of Catalonia’s 7.5 million inhabitants don’t support independence, recent polls show."

Today, ABC news repeated the stale news we have heard so many times before: "Until this crisis erupted, polls showed about 70 per cent of Catalans wanted to vote in an independence referendum. But only 41 per cent were actually in favour of cutting ties with Spain."

These media outlets all parrot each other. Lies get repeated over and over and over. The Guardian and countless other places made the statement. No one bothers to link to or even cite the date of the "recent poll".

I believe the allegedly "recent" poll was taken in July. Regardless, it was superseded by a more recent poll.

Most Recent Poll

The most recent poll was taken October 1. The results are as posted above. Counting ballots confiscated by Madrid, the real turnout was 57%.

Some may dispute the number of confiscated ballots. Don't blame me, blame Madrid. If Madrid did not confiscate ballots and prevent people from voting, that reporting issue would not be in play.

It's a certainty those confiscated ballots were overwhelmingly in favor of independence. In addition to the confiscated ballots, many who wanted to vote were forced away by Madrid police.

Its likely that yes had an outright majority from the 770,000 stolen votes alone. Add in other suppressed votes and its a certainty yes had an outright majority.

Dear mainstream media, the majority of Catalonia wanted independence. Please stop your lies.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

As a Canadian who's lived with independence referendums and the political issue of the separation of one of it's regions (Quebec) for 50 years, I'd say the results of the Catalonia referendum were as solidly in favour of independence as any referendum result could be. The question, for starters, is very clear and to the point, so anyone voting yes to it is quite serious about total independence. Secondly, 90% of 43% in favour is so strong that the other half who don't care which way the referendum goes are no longer politically relevant. Low turnout indicates apathy not disagreement. Compare these results with Quebec's two referendum results and I think you'll see that Catalonia is determined to be independent while Quebec, as a whole is still undecided despite two referendums (with fuzzy questions) and 30 years of campaigning. Catalonia, on the other hand, has past the point of no return. What we're looking at is a strong majority for separation.

Ha ha ha. It was an illegal vote (no only the purpose was illegal, but the way they took over the Parlament of Catalonia was illegal and undemocratic). It was backed only by independentists without regard of law. A lot of ballot boxes were seized (many by the Catalonia police). The were no census, people voted wherever they wanted, and some several times (there are a lot of pictures). The vote counting was done in secrecy, without witnesses. They didn't give the geographical distribution of voting... In summary, a disaster of voting (blame it on the Spanish government if you wish, that's not the point). That's the reason why in the whole world, the only institutions and media that give credibility to those results are Maduro and Mish.

tim2, what you see in the streets are the people more vocal, not the majority. Remember the anti Trump demonstrations and eventually the victory of Trump. In the case of the referendum, the majority in Spain, in Catalonia, the Spanish Constitution, the Catalonian law, european governments and the EU itself, ALL of them denied the Government of Catalonia the right to call that referendum. THAT is the reason of the low turnout, not the apathy of Catalans. By the mere fact of voting, they would be recognizing this right. Indeed, I have to remember you that in the last valid voting, the three indepentist parties got together a 47% of the vote. Armed with this figure, they speak in the name of all the Catalan people.

The pros- and cons- all seem to have some valid points. What they need is a proper voting process, but that is very unlikely to happen, so the 2 sides will endlessly disparage each other.

Funny how with the same degree of certainty you take for face value the numbers fed by the main stream other side. So by coincidence the numbers stolen by the spanish police would exactly make this referendum valid by turn out and give a majority to pro independence. How convenient?! The fact it was fully administered by the proindependence gvmt and many irregularities like people voting in many polling stations, or voting conducted on the street without any sort of controll or identification shouldnt bother you. Let me tell you a secret, both sides fabricating their truth to suit their agenda.