Catalonia Vice President Says "No Choice" But Declare Independence

The crisis in Spain has reached the critical phase with neither Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy nor Catalan President Carles Puigdemont willing to back down. Article 155 takes effect on Friday with Spain taking over the Catalan government at that time. A declaration of independence may come first.

The Spanish government invited Carles Puigdemont to speak to the Spanish Senate but with article 155 declared, what's the point? Puigdemont snubbed the Senate having come to that conclusion.

No Option

We have now reached the crisis point as expected. 'You've Left Us No Option' said Oriol Junqueras, the Catalan vice president.

“We understand that the Spanish government is giving us no other option than to defend the civil rights and citizens’ rights through the best tools that our institutions have,” said Junqueras.

It comes after the Catalan President Carles Puigdemont snubbed the Senate's invitation to defend his region's actions in calling an independence referendum and instead opted to attend an emergency meeting of the Catalan parliament.

The Catalan government remained tight-lipped over what the agenda would be for the meeting, but it is widely expected to debate the official response to Madrid's imposition of Article 155 of Spain's constitution as well as the likelihood of formally declaring independence from the rest of the Iberian country.

People Have Spoken

Despite media reports to the contrary, an outright majority of Catalans want independence. For details and my math, please see Dear Spain, Mainstream Media: A Majority of Catalans Want Independence (Stop Saying Otherwise) .

If the Catalan parliament refuses to stand down as mandated by article 155, how will Spain respond?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

They’ve got to print their own currency now.


Rock and hard place. Last night Puigdemont was about to call an election (best possible beginning to a way out) but had to back out because his radical wing was revolting and calling him a traitor. So there will be no avoiding 155, which also puts Rajoy in a very tricky position. And the many unionists in Catalonia, especially in Barcelona (a majority), will be screaming bloody murder and calling Puigdemont a traitor. Different majority pro-union comarques (mostly urban) will want their own vote. Flat footed Madridians will for sure mess up the intervention. The Arran valley will want to secede within the secession, and the law is on their side. An independent Catalonia will have to raise taxes to pay for the gap in retirement funds when Madrid stops sending money. I don't think they will print money, they can keep the euro as de facto currency, but I may be wrong. However, even if they keep the euro they won't be able to get loans because their bonds are junk, so they will have to raise taxes, so more businesses will leave. There is no end in sight....balcanization has always been an issue in Spain, and the mediocrity of their current leaders may have tipped the balance.

@ronj the Scottish referendum failed because since the oil crash it became the craziest idea in the world

perhaps 'failure' is the wrong word in democracy anyway? Brexit was completely different -and the UK as a whole can be truly sovereign with a central bank and currency

Catalonia can be sovereign too. The question is if they will remain rich, that's all.

Interesting reading for those who like to follow history as it unfolds, knowing tomorrow might be completely different. Google Translate should help. During the night, Puigdemont offered to cede his post to his independist vice president, Oriol Junqueras. Junqueras said he would if all the coalition Junts pel Si would support him unanimously. They would not, so he passed. Now Puigdemont hurled the whole hot mess right back at Parliament, so his minister of enterprise resigned, citing that he preferred to practice politics based on values and ideology rather than "identity". Just another day in hell for all Catalonians.

This is laughable. Mish keeps saying that Rajoy painted himself into a corner HA!. Puigdemont knows that if he declares DUI he ends in jail ditto for Junqueras. The DUI has become a hot potato that none o the so called "leaders" want to handle. The worst thing for the Catalonias will be to gain "independence" (from whatever ). At the same time the best thing for the politician in Cataluna would have been to gain independence so they can rob the Catalonias blind. So funny and sad. The politicians are now finding out that their actions will have consequences for them (not the plebe). Do the readers of this blog know that many of the "directors" at the Generalitat make more money than Rajoy? When the Catalonias claimed that they are being robbed they were right. They were just wrong about who was doing the robbing!

True, but that's not to say that the guys in Madrid are honest. Anyway, that's not the question now. The question is if Catalonia would be a prosperous independent country in the context of today. All the Catalonian leaders (not their followers) know the truth, that the cost would be enormous and the payoff iffy, but they have created a virtual parallel reality for the indepes in which their debt will be written off, they will magically be accepted in the EU, create an Estonia-style cloud economy, pay teachers, retirees, diplomats and police in cryptocurrency, etc. The economy is already tanking. Sign of things to come. When they wake up, they will be very, very mad at this leadership, which did not even have a majority of the popular vote.