65 Democrats Vote to Extend Warrantless Searches: Bill Heads to Senate

65 Democrats voted with Republicans to extend warrantless searches. Senator Rand Paul will filibuster the bill.

Here is the sorry state of affairs in Tweet form.

Snowden Comments

Snowden said 55 but the official vote on the Rapid DNA Act of 2017 shows there were 65 votes.

Rand Paul Filibuster

Ecuador Grants Assange Citizenship

In Other News

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

The defense sectors of allied American nations has lost the plot. Their lack of accountability and the closed cliquey nature of their operation means they are stuck in the 1950's. Then like many leviathan bureaucracies they begin to dictate policy to their governments. Breaking down big bureaucracies that lose their way is extremely difficult. One of the things that makes our democratic rule of law society work (mostly) is the durability and independence of government bodies but unfortunately their inertial mass makes them an obstacle when policy needs to change quickly. The entrenched attitudes and shear inertial mass of the defense sector only gets worse as more and more money is poured into it. The end result is that things will only get much worse until the "rot" at the core of bad bureaucracy is expunged - usually amid some sort of government or societal crisis.

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William Binney said we have a turn key totalitarian state. Global debt has hit 230 trillion dollars. The next global financial crisis is approaching. Cycles of history follow the same path as empires rise and fall.

Go Rand!!

With any luck, Paul the Younger will get around to realize his dad didn’t “lose” due to being “too extreme,” but simply due to being ahead of his time. That way Rand can stop trying to play nice with the un-nice, and get back to the projects that made the Pauls a household name to begin with: Ending the Fed, ending income taxes, ending interventionism for real, ending the various “wars on” freedom, ending most other abjectly unconstitutional nonsense the government is involved in, and by doing so taking steps to making America free again.

The “lesson” Rand learned: That he had to tone down his dad’s rhetoric to make headway, may have had some merit back in the Obama era. But by now, it’s doing more to make him appear wishy washy, and even a bit shifty, compared to the much clearer and less diluted freedom message espoused by his dad.

In reality, the Fed is a greater threat to Americans than ISIS. The war on drugs a greater threat than all the drug cartels combined. The runaway, debt funded and unchecked domestic military industrial complex, a greater threat than even the most thoroughly nuclear armed Kim imaginable. And income taxes an infinitely greater threat to US workers than every Mexican, Chinese and robotese combined could ever hope to be. Ron didn’t pull his punches, and got quite far, even in an era where “moderation” was hailed as a virtue. In the Trump/Sanders era, there is no reason why Rand should be more circumspect than his dad was.

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