What Layout changes do you want? Comments, images, fonts, archive lists, search, anything: Just make it constructive. Thanks ....

Mish, since you moved to the maven the ads are crazy. On my iPhone I can no longer use the “article only” feature on safari. That is what i miss the most. Thanks for asking.

Sure would like to see a point and click "Submit" button instead of using the enter key.

you can't post a counter reply, the reply display's excess verbage - takes up blog space. their needs to be a better way to manage follow threads.

I'd like the ability to see all ( or all recent) comments by a commentator by clicking on the user name, A La the Grauniad,

It helps in trying to asses if the they are terminal intellectual paraplegics or just had a Stroke last night.

Maven might consider getting someone else to make their user interface decisions. As noted by others, the Enter Key for post-comment is clearly a bad thing. And secret UI is worse. Shift Enter!?! OK, the next secret handshake I'd like to know is how to thumb-up/down a comment. And, with that, how 'bout a couple of other tags than "like/thumbs-up". For instance, "Duplicate" would be popular for comments on MishTalk. :) As would, "Your objections/questions are already answered". As would, "Read the frigging comments, dude! You objections/questions have been answered so much the blood is coming out of our ears."

I ignore "Conversations". ... Except for this one.

Very lately, the RSS feed seems to occasionally lag a day or two.

Upload-photo is very nice.

Maven's apparent goal of simplicity for users - treating them like AOL or Apple users - is commendable.

Most if not all article images don't show up on phone, I.e. Your collection of tweets articles are just a scrolling page of headers with blanks :(

I miss the old Mish. Your analysis was much more you. Thoughtful and coherent. Your views were insightful and not available anywhere else.

Hi: This was the thread I was looking for for my last post - can you add a subdomain "mishtalk.themaven.net" to help with Google searches please?