Tweets of the Day: Happy 4th of July, Tax Freedom Day, Tesla, Bonds, Yuan, S&P

Happy Independence Day. Here is a collection of Tweets that caught my eye.

Tax Freedom Day US vs Europe

AAA Rated Companies - Two Remain


Global Nonfinancial Corporate Bonds


Foreign Equities

122% of the S&P 500 gain is from 10 Stocks

The other 490 show an aggregate loss of about 20%.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Just read an article today in BILD that explains the current anti-Merkel social mood in Germany.
The FAILED iraqi asylum seeker Ali Bashar who raped and murdered 14-year old german girl Susanna F. in May 2018 (and then fled back to Iraq with his family) had already REPEATEDLY raped an 11-year old girl since March 2018.
German police did NOTHING.
German police say that they could NOT do anything to catch Ali who had repeatedly raped 11-year old because in refugee housing there were 4 guys named Ali.
One of the rapes of that 11-year old was with an Afghan asylum seeker and maybe also with Ali's brother (Maybe that explains why the whole family FLED to Iraq after Ali had raped and killed 14-year old Susanna f. in May 2018, the same Iraq they had previously FLED to come to Germany to seek asylum and all the welfare that comes with it).
So Germany has asylum seekers Gang-Raping 11-year old children and German police and German government do NOTHING and instead German government continues a POLITICAL CHOICE of letting every asylum seeker hang around freely and do whatever they want despite EU directives allowing CLOSED assigned areas (closed asylum seeker camps) OR CLOSED residences (closed asylum seeker centers)
Furthermore EU directives allow for EVERY failed asylum seeker to be placed in DETENTION until they can be repatriated or deported but Merkel's and CDU/CSU/SPD POLITICAL CHOICE was to let Ali Bashar and other failed asylum seekers whose asylum application has been rejected to do whatever they want and go freely wherever they want.

“The other 490 show an aggregate loss of about 20%.”

I could actually spin that as a bullish indicator, but I won’t.

I thought you liked humor.