Tweets of the Day: 78 Million Hustling Dimes, Employment, Valuations, GDP, Pigs

Let's reviews some interesting Tweets on hustling dimes, the cause of recessions, Valuations, GDP, and pigs.

Cause of Recessions

Correct. Loose policies, not tightening cause recessions. The Fed forever chases its tail causing boom bust cycles of increasing amplitude.

Hussman on Employment Contribution to GDP

78 Million Sideline Job Hustles

The Dow

CNBC Analysis


Rosenberg on Pigs

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

“If the unemployment data is wrong why are so many business looking for workers?”

1.) Because they are not offering wages sufficient enough to draw applicants
2.) Because interest rates haven’t risen enough to (finally!) eradicate all the zombified businesses that keep making payroll (and employing people who could be working at real jobs if there were any) due to the low cost of borrowing.
3.) Because regardless of how well qualified or grapevine connected a job seeker may be, entire industries have climbed aboard the “we need help” political bandwagon. If that wagon is ever going to enjoy it’s 15 minutes of fame before Congress, the last thing it better do is to actually “find help”. Then Congress cannot “help them.” That’s no fun.
4.) Because with lots of workers showing actual mobility (upward one hopes) in the jobs landscape, it pays to be hiring. You can let go of less desirable current employees if you’re sure you can land someone better. It can all happen without ever adding anyone to the payroll.

1979 all over again,soaring INFLATION,van mccoy ,platforms are even makin a comeback.

I live in MI not a mecca and the cost of living/housing is average I see help wanted signs everywhere. Ask any builder and they need labaorers as well as skilled tradesman. Many decent paying factory jobs here. Landscapers pay$13/hour to start and the only people willing to take the job are Mexicans. No domesic workers wil take the jobs. Part of the problem may be that many workers in marginal paying jobs limit their hours so they can still get free govt medicaid health insurance coverage. If they exceed an income threshold they lose it. One fix would be national health care that covers everyone. This I believe would entice people into the workforce if they didn't have to worry about health insurance. Thats a debate for another day however. Unskilled jobs are not meant to support a family they are a starting point in the workforce. A lot of people dont get that. In capitalism you are incentivised to make more money by being more producive.

The problem with inflation statistics is that the govt now uses a completely different metric than was used in the 70-80s. Current figures way understate the real life numbers. If we used the same metrics as we did back then the inflation numbers would be a lot higher.

Huge numbers of people have criminal records (13% of the adult male population) and fail drug tests (25%). You won't hear Trump mouthing off about either of these issues.