Smartphone Sales and the Reported "Death of Black Friday"

Online sales are up and store traffic is down according to some reports. The Street says it's the end of Black Friday.

More and more people are buying online, and with phones, not desktop applications. The Street.Com says Black Friday 2017 Will Mark the Death of This Unofficial National Holiday.

The Year Black Friday Died

Black Friday Empty

Online Sales Surge

A couple of anecdotes via twitter does not constitute data. However, it's safe to say online is having an impact on in-store sales.

  • U.S. shoppers had splurged more than $1.52 billion online by Thanksgiving evening
  • A strong labor market, rising home prices and stock markets at record highs have also improved the turnout at stores this year
  • The number of customers shopping on their smartphones surged, accounting for 46 percent of the traffic on retail websites
  • Traffic from desktop and laptop computers declined 11 percent and nearly 6 percent, respectively

Some report store traffic is up, others down. I take all of these early reports with a large dose of skepticism.

I am concerned about the mounting debt. 24% of millennials still make credit card payments from holiday shopping a year ago.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

"Black Friday Empty" Maybe some stores were, but local news was showing the Glendale Galleria and the Citadel outlet mall were pretty packed in the Los Angeles Area. At some stores, Black Friday had bled over into Thanksgiving day, which may affect the number of shoppers on Friday. Also there are stores where one can order on line and pick up at the store location, creating a dual internet/brick and mortar shopping experience.

And many items are sold out or were sold out before black Friday. Remember now it's all about FOMO, no one cares about price. I mean nearly everyone has the latest iPhone x and the Note 8. People own multiple smartphones and most buy new ones about just 3- months

Rents have risen by at least 50% in the NYC area or Eastern Massachusetts since 2009 how do rising home values help renters paying an average now between $3000 - $7000 a month in the areas i mentioned. I have been paying between $1900 - 2200 a month in rent since 2008 and there is little public transportation to speak of other than commuter rail to Boston cosyin$285 month plus another $80 a month just to park at the station

Again rising home values only good if you are pulling equity from home to fuel your shopping addiction or to pay off maxed out credit card debt at a averages 15% Apr. Home values and rents have gone meteoric in most areas of the country since 2010. There really is no part of the country where you can rent any type of fixed residential dwelling for less than $1500 a month

Replacing a cell phone after 3 months is crazy, unless you break them that fast, I suppose. My LG G2 is over 4 years old, and still does everything I need, but since it has a cracked screen, I'm considering replacing it one of these days. Other than the screen I don't see any other particular reason to do so.

I don't know ask millennials since they would rather have roomates, or live with mommy and daddy if they aren't their rent just so they can always have latest technology, eat out every night, and spend thousands every month on designer full priced clothing

I noticed this year a lot of the advertised low prices were also available on-line. But there will always be people who need it immediately and will choose to stand in line for hours so they don't have to wait a few days for delivery.