Sec of State Tillerson Fired: From Bad to Worse, Iran Warmonger In

The warmongers and trade idiots are increasingly in control of the White House.

President Trump on Tuesday ousted his secretary of state, Rex W. Tillerson, extending a shake-up of his administration, 14 months into his tumultuous presidency, and potentially transforming the nation’s economic and foreign policy.

Mr. Trump announced he would replace Mr. Tillerson with Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director and former Tea Party congressman, who forged a close relationship with the president and is viewed as being more in sync with Mr. Trump’s America First credo.

Mr. Tillerson learned he had been fired on Tuesday morning when a top aide showed him a tweet from Mr. Trump announcing the change, according to a senior State Department official.

Tweet Announcement

Trump did not even have the decency to tell Tillerson to his face.

Warmongers In

CIA Torture


Deep State


Actually, Hillary was the worst secretary of state ever. Libya alone offers sufficient evidence. Also consider security violations for which Hillary ought to be in prison. That said, the rest of Krugman's claim has reasonable merit.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

People voted for Trump because it was the known vs the unknown and the odds were that at worst he'd be as bad for the US as Hilary. He was also seen as a reset of govt power away from the Neos. At best, you get a great President and at worst, a one-and-done.

Exactly...Trump has Deep State Intelligence running the entire government now. He couldn't fight it.Obama as well was forced to place Clinton as Sec State----to please the Deep State . The self-healing properties of the bureaucracy is incredible

Trump is planning for war. It’s unavoidable as China is rising so, like Trump talked about NK in 1999 on “Meet The Press”, Trump feels China needs to be dealt with earlier rather than later. The problem for the US is Russia.

Wow, I thought it was all the usual news media hype, but it looks like Trump really does want a full blown trade war with China. I guess the Fed will get the inflation they want after all, cost-push, whilst Mish's prophecy of asset-deflation is fulfilled with one hell of a bang. China owns enough in the way of US financial assets to send the nation back to the dark ages if they feel so inclined. They'll be the first to dump stocks, bonds and dollars at the first sign of a market crash in any case.

What I can't understand is what possesses Trump to believe that any of this is a good idea? What the hell goes through these peoples minds?

-"Importz R Bad: Exportz R Gud."

-"Kapital Akountz R Bad, Kurrent Akkountz R Gud."

We are all made very rich by our absurdly overvalued capital. That IS the wealth effect. That IS what separates the first world from the third world. Does anyone realize that once we lose the premium that's paid on our capital, we will actually have to take the default share of the world's poverty like everyone else?
Apparently nobody understands that. They think the US is rich because of higher productivity or because of silicon valley. Morons. The world is populated by morons, I'm surrounded by dogs.

Oh well if the standard of living of the average Joe should plummet to a level shared by India, then it's probably all for the best. The culture has become far to decadent in any case.

Oh, man 😊
The upside to Trump making the usual Washington idiocy even more in your face, at least if we’re lucky, is that perhaps a few of the pliable, uncritical, well indoctrinated yahoos designated as simple cheering drones, may just finally realize that there really isn’t one single benefit from having the current US government, vs the current Somali one. Not one single one. Not In any, even theoretically possible, way. It’s pure retardsville, without one single redeeming feature whatsoever.

This is what America voted for so don't be surprised. Trade wars followed by actual wars. MAGA!