Republicans, Strong Believers in States Rights, Have New Set of Rules

Lost in the wake of Attorney General Jeff Session's absurd ruling on marijuana, is the blatant hypocrisy of it all.

Republicans, the alleged champions of states rights want absolutely nothing to do with states rights when it does not suit their cause.

According to Sessions, "Good people don't smoke marijuana."

So hey, let's lock them up in prison if they do.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

2banana, you are exactly right, though don't expect to find much agreement. I do support decriminalizing marijuana, however the proper way to do that is an act of congress. The wrong way to do that is for the executive branch to decided what laws they feel like enforcing today.
top_gun, the law since 1937 has been that the Federal government has the power to regulate anything that might, even tangentially affect commerce "between the several states". Thus, if it is conceivable that a person who smoked marijuana might work on a product that is shipped to another state, or might buy a product made in another state, the Federal Government has the power to regulate it. This essentially gives the Federal Government unlimited power, and ultimately dooms our form of government, but it is the law of the land, and with Pandora's box opened, it can never be closed again.

2banana is right, enforce the law or do away with it. You can not pick and choose which laws to enforce.

"top_gun, the law since 1937..." actually the interpretation of the Commerce clause changed,,, not the law itself.... under FDR, a liberal Democrat BTW, the commerce clause which was organ ally intended to open up trade between the states was reinterpreted to give Uncle authority over everybody and everything, now better known as the elastic clause... and government has been growing exponentially ever since.... bigger issue than pot smoking is the whole big government thing...

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Mike displays his lack of comprehension about the Rule of Law. He was wrong on Catalan and he’s wrong here.

Exactly, top-gun. In 1937 Justice Roberts switched sides, and gave the government unlimited power. I'm not saying that was a good thing; in fact, it was a very bad thing, and I totally agree that the unlimited growth of government power is a much bigger problem than the question of whether pot should be legal or not, and the growth of government will bring about the end of the United States, most likely within our lifetimes.

You reap what you sow, do wrong stuff, get locked up, Pot sucks , its a crappy drug for losers

Politicians are always in favor of states' rights until the states start doing things they don't like. Then they love federal power. Left, right, it doesn't matter - none of them have any principles.

Mish misunderstands the phrase 'states rights'. It refers to the US individual states having rights not to be infringed by the US federal gov't (10th Amendment). It has nothing to do with other sovereign countries of the world.

I was providing a list of jackass things the neocons support - I did not say or imply they were states rights issues