Polish Government Advises Couples to "Breed Like Rabbits"

In order to counteract one of Europe's lowest birth rates, the government of Poland put out a pair of videos urging citizens to breed like rabbits.

Rabbit Video Number One

Rabbit Video Number Two

Eurostat Estimated Population Trends

Population estimates are 2017 Eurostat projections, in thousands. Eurostat expects 10 countries will lose population by 2040. Poland is in 7th place.

In general, the demographic trends in Eastern Europe are very poor.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The conclusion from the stats is that western Europeans already breed like rabbits or is it just a certain segment of the population? The fact is that Europe is not exactly depopulated, it is the turd world that is way overpopulated, which causes poverty, which is exported to Europe.

Better than importing low-IQ leeches that hate you.
This campaign will probably fail, but I trust that the Poles will eventually find a way to achieve their goal.

I would not extrapolate current trends too far into the future. In the past century or so, most of the low hanging fruit has been picked in everything: resources, energy, water, air. By 2080, the world population could be a few million due to resource exhaustion, starvation, and resulting conflict.

Absolutely what all White nations need. More of their own. Encourage children by lowering taxes, and stopping the invasion.!! Well done Poland. Well done.

If white countries never had their birthrates drop, they wouldn't have had to take in so many 3rd world immigrants since 1965. This is the root of the whole problem folks. Which is now causing lots of polarization, lack of unity, and social problems in these countries now. Will England or France even be England and France 50 yrs from now? Or will they be England and France in "name" only, but made up of a mix mostly Africans, Indians, ect... with all the original culture, ethnicity, etc... of France and England gone forever?

I'm an American with some Polish ancestry....I volunteer to go over to Poland to be a sperm donar!

Half the male Polish population is living/working in the UK and US. The other half is past working age and presumably desired mating age.

US government is trying to encourage the opposite with the new tax increase plans. Eliminating personal exemptions will effectively raise tax on families raising children. Combine with government induced healthcare, housing, and tuition inflation and fewer people will have families.

Civilization never makes any sense. That's why all civilizations have their foundations in religion