Nowcast Ends with 3.9% 4th-Quarter GDP forecast, 1st Quarter at 3.1%

Nowcast does its final forecast on the day GDP comes out. It concludes it's 4th-quarter forecast at 3.9%.

The final Nowcast estimate for 4th quarter GDP is an anticlimactic 3.9% today vs. the actual BEA estimate of 2.6%. The forecast for the first quarter is 3.1%.

Nowcast First-Quarter GDP Estimate

Note that today's GDP report did not change the Nowcast First-Quarter estimate.

Today's GDP advance announcement was weaker than expected. Some found hidden strength, others hidden weakness.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Too late, there will be talking this market down. Dalio let the dogs out and they are hungry. Chasing down anything that even looks like a stock.

(~~ sigh ~~)
NO talking it down...