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Overcrowding makes people crazy. Expect more violence in overpopulated areas.

Mish I bet u hoped I wouldn’t show up. More than once on your blog I’ve said that we can’t separate what’s going on in America’s economy from what’s going on in America’s culture..We’ve become addictive to drugs, pornography, debt, corruption and there is absolutely no respect for traditional values or the rule of law. My father who passed away 40 years ago was convinced that television, more than anything else would eventually ruin the country. I can’t even begin to describe what the decade of the 50’s was like. You park someplace with the windows down and leave the keys in the ignition. Most people didn’t have locks on their doors, and if they did didn’t lock it anytime. When I was 6 years old I’d get on the bus with 15 cents go downtown pay a quarter to watch the movie most always a western. I will say black people always had to sit at the back of the bus. The most important thing I was going to show here was a link to “Religion is vital to Democracy says the Marxist” I cannot believe the 3 minute discussion has been taken down! If I had to bet my life on it, I would say this is no accident!! I have used that particular discussion many times over the years, as what these two men have to say to one another is truthful, powerful and profound!! Mish I guess I’ve gone way off course here as to how all this relates to the Florida massacre so I’ll stop and encourage people to read Peggy Noonan’s article in the weekend WSJ.

Truthseeker, you are exactly right. The problem is cultural changes, but not jut TV. It goes beyond that, to TV and video games. The problem is not guns; the problem is people without a moral compass. Take away the guns, and evil people will still find a way to do evil.

Truthseeker, you are correct, the problem is cultural. It's more than TV, though. It's also movies, music, and video games, plus the removal of religion thought from children growing up. I see events like this as a triumph of atheism. Rather than blame that, people will naturally blame guns. Take those away, however, and evil people will still find a way to do evil things. I'm sure that the atheists here will disagree with the lack of religion as a cause, but to them I ask, in an atheist world, what is the reason for behaving morally?

Truthseeker, what would happen to you if you were to misbehave while riding the bus downtown? Certainly six year olds had fits of misbehavior on occasion, did they not?

Wow, this thread escalated quickly, my goodness. I'm quite pro-religion, but I'm inclined to venture some dark opinions on the cold-war religion-for-morals viewpoint.

"What is the reason for behaving morally?" I've found fear makes for a more reliable foundation for moral behaviour than anything else, and with the modern faithless you find a greater fearful disposition. You come and spend a few months in London, you'll find it's the most secular place in the world, and you'll also find peace and good-will abounds. Not because of any wider sense of love and peace, but on the contrary, because everyone is an untrusting nervous wreck.

I think it's just a dark fact of nature that 'castration' does equal 'good behaviour.' There's no way around it, and an excellent way to castrate people is to take religion out of the picture (as well as guns and other freedoms), and leave them in a quivering mess of death anxiety. In bourgeois south-east England there's a grand social conspiracy to pretend death doesn't exist, and it does wonders for your superficial cold-war morality. That's what all this free health-care, business-suffocating health & safety laws, extremely low violent crime rates and super-tough gun legislation is all about. And everyone's more than fine with it because it helps to keep the looming spectre of eternal solitude & darkness out of mind.

Religion goes far deeper than the moral sphere of civilized behaviour, and thank God too, because the world would be a very dark place indeed, if civilization was all there was to hope for.

As to over under populated areas where schools are involved: I would bet ALL are occurring in under populated spots, not over populated. Check it out.

Carl, I am an atheist. If there is no "God" then all we have is each other. ALL we have is each other. There is no ressurection. There is no re-incarnation. So shouldn't we treat the planet, the environment we live on as well as we can so our children and all descendants have a non toxic environment similar to that which we inherited. Lastly, because we all have only one life that life is logically more precious than if you actually have a chance at resurrection or reincarnation. So taking another person's life is monstrous.

I'm sure there are many reasons for gun violence. DNA may play a small part, but our culture plays a larger part. Economic decisions that result in non parents raising their children play a part.