My Sentiments Exactly

The fact that Brennan, the biggest POS ever and a muslim himself or at the least a muslim sympathizer, makes me believe that the Trump decision was correct. When arabs and the Israelis agree one this decision it makes you think. Brennen, Hiliary and Obama, the worst president yet in US history, should all be locked up. They ruined the middle east were apologists, anti Christian and pro Islam.

Its good to know foreign entities have no impact on US policy. lol

Just wandered over to the Conversations side of the board and saw this. You keep repeating how astounding it is that Israel and the Arabs agree on Iran, when in reality there is nothing surprising about it at all. Why you think this is noteworthy is baffling.

Also notice that you only assign blame on one side of the aisle in our dumb American political system. Are you one of those people who believes history began in Jan 2009? It would appear so.