Lest not assume stocks, even indexes are always non-volatile. Think 2007-2009. As for commodities, Bitcoin can easily fall to $1,000. From $20K that would be a 95% decline. Volatility of Bitcoin, both directions is on steroids

How can someone that knows so little about Bitcoin say it can easily fall to $1,000? Even if it did it would have more than doubled over the last 2 yrs.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology – a non-regulatory agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce – has released an overview of blockchain technology, aimed to clarify the central characteristics of the technology, its limitations and common misconceptions. The conclusions for this 50 page report are provided below. Those that don't think cryptos will play a big roll in businesses and our future in general, should at least read the conclusions. Wyoming even understands the potential - https://www.coindesk.com/haven-blockchain-case-wyoming/.

1274 Conclusions
1275 Blockchains are a significant new avenue for technological advancements, enabling secure
1276 transactions without the need for a central authority. Starting in 2009, with Bitcoin leveraging
1277 blockchain technology, there has been an increasing number of blockchain based
1278 cryptocurrencies. Possibly more importantly, new applications beyond the realm of currencies
1279 are building upon the fundamentals of blockchain technology.
1280 The first applications were digital currencies with the distribution of a global ledger containing
1281 all transactions. These transactions are secured with cryptographic hashes, and transactions are
1282 signed and verified using public/private key pairs. The transaction history is summarized with
1283 Merkle trees, to efficiently and securely record a chain of events in a way that any attempt to edit
1284 or change a past transaction will also require a recalculation of all subsequent blocks of
1285 transactions.
1286 The use of blockchains is still in its early stages, but it is built on widely understood and sound
1287 cryptographic principles. Moving forward, it is likely that blockchains will be another tool that
1288 can be used to solve newer sets of problems. Financial organizations are likely to be the
1289 businesses most impacted by blockchains. They may need to adapt or even completely change
1290 their practices to focus on being platforms for value exchange and not just places to store value.
1291 Blockchains are also digitizing assets other than money. Companies that need to maintain a
1292 public record, such as holding land title, marriage, or birth records, should consider how their
1293 problem sets might be addressed by blockchain technologies. Blockchains also have strong
1294 potential for storing and recording supply chain records. A blockchain can record each step in a
1295 product's life, from when it was created in a factory, to when it was shipped and subsequently
1296 delivered to a store, and finally to when a consumer purchased it. There may even be new
1297 industries, such as digital notaries who can prove a person had access to a specific piece of
1298 information by recording the hash of it into the blockchain. There are many potential uses and
1299 opportunities for blockchain technologies.
1300 As detailed throughout this publication, a blockchain relies on existing network, cryptographic,
1301 and recordkeeping technologies but uses them in a new manner. It will be important that
1302 organizations are able to look at the technologies and both the advantages and disadvantages of
1303 using them. Once a blockchain is implemented and widely adopted, it becomes very difficult to
1304 change it without forking. Once something is recorded in a blockchain, it is usually there forever,
1305 even when there is a mistake. For some organizations these are desirable features. For others,
1306 these may be deal breakers preventing the adoption of blockchain.
1307 Blockchain technologies have the power to disrupt many industries. To avoid missed
1308 opportunities and undesirable surprises, organizations should start investigating whether or not a
1309 blockchain can help them.

Blacklisted said: How can someone that knows so little about Bitcoin say it can easily fall to a $1,000? How can someone who knows so little about Bitcoin buy it at $500 and watch it go to $19,000? Can’t find the link. Bitcoin is a lot like the first marijuana stocks, those simply playing speculation, momentum as something new shows up.