Millennials, the Screwed Generation, Blame Boomers For Making Their Lives Worse

51% of millennials claim boomers make their lives worse. Only 13% of millennials say boomers make their lives better.

An interesting demographic-based survey conducted April 9-13, 2018 purports Baby Boomers Made Millennials Lives Worse.

Beset by big college loans, inheriting two wars, and facing an uncertain future of work, a majority of millennials say baby boomers have made things worse for them — and a lot of boomers agree, according to a new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.

If it persists, the generational divide could turn into political rivalry as the generations compete for limited tax dollars — millennials seeking government help as automation takes hold, and boomers insisting on promised levels of Social Security and Medicare.

This ties in nicely with the upcoming pension crisis and healthcare-related issues as well.

Screwed Generation

  1. Consider Obamacare. It was purposely designed to make millennials overpay for healthcare. Millennials subsidize boomers who are better off financially.
  2. When I went to the university of Illinois, tuition was $250 a semester. One realistically could have worked summer and part-time jobs to pay for an education. Now kids are graduating from college with mountains of debt and no way to pay it back.
  3. Social security is projected to be bankrupt by the time millennials can collect. Benefits must drop.
  4. A pension crisis looms. The boomer solution has been to kick the can down the road, always raising taxes. Those tax hikes go nearly 100% to pension funding. What do millennials get out of it? Nothing!
  5. Millennials are likely to be the first US generation in history that is no better off than their parents, if not worse.


Within a decade Millennials will be running the country and they may not exactly be sympathetic to the pension plight of boomers.

For discussion of the pension crisis and possible millennial payback options, please consider Global Pension Gap Expected to Hit $400 Trillion: US Leads the Way.

Reader Replies

Reader Tengen commented: As a Gen X'er I'm not terribly fond of any current American generation, including my own. We all played a part in this acrimonious society we see today and nobody made much effort to stop it. Seems unlikely history will be kind to any of us, at least on a generational level.

I replied: Absolutely - Anger should be directed at the Fed, at Bush, at Obama, at Congress, and at warmongers.

There is plenty of blame to go around, but boomers are in charge of Congress, the Fed etc, and have been for years.

Most likely, anger will be misdirected, but boomers will be the target.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Boomers Hypocrisy and selfishness:

  1. Let in millions of immigrants, forcing up property prices so homes and children are unaffordable
  2. Raise taxes to fund healthcare, housing, and schools for said immigrants

Repeat endlessly

The Japanese get it:


Mish, didn’t we do that back in 1969? Then discover it was the previous generation before that? Ad infinitum, until we come to the real cause – Philosophers – ones who would have been “Socratized” if they told the truth about their bloodthirsty Rulers? Besides, any one of us can just go down to City Hall and get them to change to a rational policy at any one of their meetings, right? And remember all those demonstrations and riots? With all their "outside agitators"? Probably Clowns whose names cannot be spoken? Maybe the "Silver Tsunami" will wash it all away.

"51% of millennials claim boomers make their lives worse." Who created Social Security and Medicare? Not Boomers. Who allowed government employees to unionize? Not Boomers. Interestingly, a large %age of U.S. Millenials want socialism.

"Also, as seen by the Flynn Effect, they are one SD smarter than their grandparents (that would be most of us on this board) on average." Smarter or more leftist indoctrinated? If they were truly smarter, they wouldn't love Bernie Sanders so much.

Boomers are an abstract concept of "those people". Real cuts to SS mean mom and dad are moving in with them. They're not going to cut SS. Millennials think Boomers make their lives worse because we won't vote in a guaranteed job program or a debt jubilee. I'm not worried.

Blaming the boomers? We weren't even born when virtually all the "social legislation was passed. I turned 21 in 1969. Social Security and all the big welfare legislation were passed long before any of us were able to vote.(Voting age was 21 back then). Boomers did not get into "political power" until the late 70's. By then all the welfare and SS programs were BEYOND terminating. So you youngsters need to find another whipping boy.

We get and deserve the gov't that we vote for. If any of these problems are going to be fixed we will need gov't that is not run purely by money. Why are we still killing people in the Middle East after 25 years of war (undeclared). Why do we have the most expensive health care system, yet 30-some other countries have greater longevity? The big money doesn't want those problems fixed. They benefit from them.

Actually we have the best government money can buy. One way to stop this crap is to limit them to one term only like 6 years for each and then have all campaigns publicly financed. That way legislative decisions won't be based on what will get them reelected by pleasing their financier money masters and instead make make decisions based on what is best for the country. An organization called the convention of states is something people should look into. They are advocating a push for a constitutional convention to address this .

Sounds good to me hmk

I love when people call the government "they" or "them" or something. Like "Don't blame me, blame the government - they're the ones taking your money."

The whole of the governed are the government. The people are the government. When 1/3 of your check disappears every time you get paid that's your neighbors taking it from you - standing protected behind the full force of those they've hired to carry guns and told to arrest you at best, or kill you at worst if you choose to disobey or resist.

To paraphrase Spooner, if you register and vote in this system you support the outcome - regardless of whether or not you voted for the guy who gets elected. Why? Because you agree to the system and thereby you consent to the consequences.

We'd be better off in the long run if more people decided not to vote at all. It's pretty hard to claim you have the "consent of the governed" if only a handful show up for an election...


We have met the enemy and they are us.

+10000 for Spooner. I have been saying what you wrote for years. The only way to change the system is if nobody votes. But then to paraphrase Emma Goldmann, "If not voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

The median salary at Facebook is $250K. There is a reason house prices are high in the Bay Area, it is because people can afford to buy them, and in my town new apartments are being built at an accelerating pace - they are pulling down 1300' sq ft houses on a 1/2 acre and building 10 unit modern apartments. Whoever is commenting about developers suffering from NIMBYism needs to recheck the facts on the ground.

So your argument is that really well educated people (i.e. professionals) who can get a job anywhere and currently have jobs in CA are so stupid that, not only don't they move to a tax paradise like Alabama or Kansas, they can't even figure out how to vote in their own interests. There is another explanation for their voting habits - Occam's razor would lead us to the conclusion that they know exactly what they are doing both in their choice of places to live and their voting habits.


Numerous points have reiterated that it wasn't (just) the boomers. As a boomer, my great-grandparents approved the Constitutional Amendment permitting the income tax. My grandparents' generation passed the New Deal. My parents' generation was responsible for the Great Society. It's true that boomers did nothing to stop it, but the process to the end was already well under way.
The problem is not the Fed, and it's not Government. The problem is that the people in general have little knowledge and understanding of history, and that, unfortunately, includes the media. How many people understand that we are simply repeating a well trodden historical path to destruction? We saw it in ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. We've seen it numerous times in South American and Africa.
In a democracy, politicians get elected by making people dependent on government. No politician was ever elected by saying "I won't do anything for you. I'll balance the books, and keep the necessary services going, but I won't solve any of your problems. Those are yours to deal with." So, politicians promise things, and sometimes deliver. In the process they spend more than they have, and they spend more all the time, until the country is bankrupt. Then the people riot because they aren't getting what they were promised.


There is a very simple test for whether development is being restricted artificially or not: Is the sale price of the final units higher than the cost of erecting them?

Free people will continue building on their lots, until adding another unit will cost more than they can sell the unit for. Not sure which Bay Area town you live in, but do you honestly believe hiring some dude outside Home Depot to slap up another 1000 square foot shack of a standard equivalent to the current building mass, would cost what current units are selling for? And if not, why aren’t the dudes outside Home Depot hired in to start building already?

Most of the restrictions are due to earthquake safety and utility availability, but just about every square inch of building land is being built on where I live. There are scrapers, build outs, conversions of retail to housing, etc. There is also a town a few miles away with much lower housing costs, care to wonder why?

Looking at data from the Roper Center on the 2016 election of the 18-29 year olds 55% voted for Hillary Clinton and 36% for Donald Trump. of the 30-44 year olds it was 51 to 41. Would a Clinton administration have been better for millennials? Seems to me a lot of them loved Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton in the primaries. As bad as the Boomer presidents have been, they haven't killed 60,000 millennials in the Middle East the way the Greatest Generation did to boomers in Vietnam...and those people used a draft.

In a capital-based system like ours, one dollar = one vote. Whether you show up at the booth or not, you vote. Whatever you put into your mouth is a vote (even if you grow it yourself), whatever job you work at is many votes. Those votes are tallied by corporations and collated and passed to the politicians as orders, not requests, because those corporations use your vote/dollars to put the politicians in place that suit their needs.

If you want Change, keep it in your pocket.

I notice Mish blames Obama (the best Republican president since Clinton: just ask the drug companies), but not the deregulation practices of others that shifted our votes into the hands of those with the most dollars (my trickly share came through the Reagan military: "yay! pay raise again!").
That's fine. It was eventually going to happen anyway: the Boomers just sped it up while chasing drywall mansions and cocaine (generously supplied by the CIA). It's as well played as the IranContra distraction itself was. That story was happily displaced by Lewinsky, so that it didn't go investigating how every politician (on both sides of the aisle) was in the pockets of illegal and legal drugs, failing banks, realtors and weapons.

By letting the confusion and distractions wash over us, the 'norm' has shifted to the point that we expect confusion and disinformation to be all we get (anyone up for another Netflix binge of Route 66?), and our only choices are to engage in commerce and vote for a sanctioned candidate while getting sicker, dumber and tattooed with our Endless War unit badges.
It's a free market: as long as you forget that it's your grandchildren's souls on the market.