Micro Assassination Drones Fit In Your Hand

Micro Assassination drones with facial recognition capabilities fit in your hand. The video below shows how they work.

Drone Miniaturization, Facial Recognition, Kamikaze Missions


From studying trends in drone development, both in terms of software and hardware, I am now predicting the development of facial-recognition "kamikaze micro drones" capable of carrying out targeted human assassination missions with remarkable precision and reliability. The four trends that will lead to this are:

1) Drone miniaturization: The development of mass-produced, affordable "micro drones" about the size of a common bird. These will likely be produced as hobby aircraft which will be easily modified to take on a more aggressive role.

2) Facial recognition systems: The miniaturization of facial recognition software / hardware systems which may be deployed on micro drones and powered by very small on-board power supplies.

3) Rapid advances in drone manufacturing efficiency, resulting in greater affordability of drone platforms by smaller and smaller groups, including corporations, smaller nations, universities, vigilantes and even activist groups.

4) Incremental improvements in the power density of on-board batteries, allowing greater flight time and more CPU-intensive on-board computations.

These four trends will ultimately result in the creation of "Kamikaze assassination micro drones" with the ability to search for, identify and terminate a specific human target. It is likely, in fact, that many governments of the world are already working on this technology.

This technology will reshape the meaning of "war" by allowing rogue nations like North Korea, for example, to simply ship tens of thousands of such drones into the USA via China, marked as "toys" on import manifests.

What If?

What if anyone could kill almost anyone else for a few thousand dollars?

There will not even be a trace of who did it if the drone obliterates itself in the process.

Two Questions

1) Are assassination micro-drones a good thing?

2) Is this a more realistic worry than rogue nation nuclear war?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Just a little dab of plutonium on the nose, and one more swamp creature bites the dust.

SleemoG. I don't do anything harder than caffeine. But yes, I'm sure that some pretty amazing (or weird) possibilities could be thought of by those who are high. Those who are not high could also sift through all the crazy ideas out there to perfect the ideal techniques. Currently there are on ebay and Amazon drones for $5, drones that weigh 7 grams etc and hardly a week goes by without hearing about advances in autonomous technology. The OP video was 3 years old and think of the advances in those 3 years, in another 3 years of advances Mish will probably be posting to this site while riding in a self driving car.

Cool Effendi, glad you skipped that fifth pot of coffee, you sound much more reasonable now.

@MissionAccomplished, that's hilarious. I would guess a little sparkly makeup would work just as well.

@ReadyKilowatt, you are too optimistic... Explosives like shaped charges do not need a heavy back plate either. And the drone doesn't have to fly even a minute... These things can accelerate to 60 mph in less then a second, and just have to fly 20 seconds for half a mile or more, which is 'beyond visual range' in most urban or even countryside situations... The computer can also be less discriminatory, one could let it just attack something standing out 2 meters above the ground in the same way a mosquito finds you at 10 meters distance. It is way more scary then you think.... Think of the power one wields if releasing 100k of them in a city is just one mouse click away.

Just plain scary. Be the first on your block to own a cruise missile. The difference is only the range and magnitude of the blast. We are building a world that no one can live in.

Time to take out FNN.

Sales of Trump masks just tripled

Oh oh, the Fat Little Rocket Man has put out a death warrant on The Donald (for insulting the Fat Little Rocket Man). I hope he doesn't get hold of these things, or, I hope The Donald gets them first (more likely). Really these things are seriously scary, anyone with a grudge could use one, and they are too small to shoot down.

We want nano-assassination drones!