Max Keiser / Mish Video Right Before Volatility Hit

I was on the air with Max Keiser on Friday, February 2. The video is just out now as Stacy and Max were in Mexico.

The video below is 25 minutes long and I come on at approximately the halfway point.

I had a fun time doing the video. We discussed volatility bets, the S&P 500, the state of Illinois, Japanese bonds, and MMT.

In response to Max's question on Japanese 10-year bond yields at 0.11%, I proposed an MMT experiment by Japan.

Max also asked me about the State of Illinois proposal to take out $107 billion in debt to buy stocks. I instead sugested the state should put one billion a month on a VIX bet.

It would have been been nice to have had this video out on February 2, before the volatility crisis hit, but Stacy and Max were at a cryptocurrency conference in Mexico.

For further discussion of my sarcastic MMT proposal, please see Note to BoJ: Try Something Different or Look Perpetually Foolish.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Matter of semantics, I guess. Seems every time one of these MMT cranks is asked about "The Debt," the first thing that comes out of their mouth is "Oh, we'll grow our way out of it." To read, "print."

Great interview with Max, there, by the way.

Now we have the perfect solution to all this debt. Inspire social media warriors to get government to redefine fraud ; write a law to reflect this new definition; buy all the bonds out there, and them cancel them all.

nothing like blowing your trumpet from the rooftop, just kidding, good video