King Trump Shouts at the Ocean: Stop the Waves

Trump believes all he has to do to make things happen is to issue an ultimatum. One Tweet will explain.

Image modified from King Cnut and the Waves.

Hello Mr,. President gas prices are up because of your absurd embargo on Iran.

And here's the deal: The more effective your embargo, the higher gas prices will go.

I have a suggestion. Please study Econ 101.

Meanwhile, please note that shouting at waves will not produce results.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Apologies for any confusion caused by my attempt to be concise, Tengen. Arabian Gulf city = Arabian city on the Persian Gulf.

You do know that about half of Iranians are not Persian?

Want a change? Vote for Trump! - didn't you Misha proclaimed it? Stop whining, pick up your poison.

It is interesting in this context that the US National Intelligence Estimate has said several times already that US agencies do not believe Iran is developing nuclear weapons. In fact, it states that they stopped trying to do so in 2003.


Taking Mr. Trump literally, or underestimating his competence is always a mistake. He did not fall into our presidency, or buy it. He's there because he pays attention and knows what he's doing. He's smart and a tough negotiator, and apparently unconcerned about the niceties of anything. Were he otherwise, we would still be in the Paris Accord and the Iran deal, would not have the tax reform bill which encouraged domestic corporate activity, would still be burdened with the "WOTUS" rule, would still be running $600 Billion trade deficits with no intention of resisting that curse, would be appointing liberals to the Supreme Court and would not be addressing the wretched mess on our southern border. Our embassy would not be in Jerusalem and Mrs. Clinton would be expanding our federal government, and it seems likely N. Korea would still be terrorizing the neighborhood.

He's no charmer, nor is he a member of the elite Washington establishment, which seems to have failed to govern wisely for many years. Though there's lots to criticize, I credit him with driving some of our current expansion and decrease in unemployment (real unemployment....that is).

Ignoring the optics, I go back to his revolutionary inaugural address. Something the MSM referred to as "dark," a characterization which doesn't do it justice.

I understand he's not attractive and it's not a popular position, but if you get away from the optics, the results look like they're good for our country.

John Goodrich

Yeah yeah, 9D chess and all that. Everyone's heard it a million times.

If you think Trump is cleaning up this mess, or even ATTEMPTING to clean it up, you're delusional. Take a look at central banking, then consider how absurd the notion of one person stemming that tide really is. Then take a closer look at Trump and try to ascertain whether he's even one of the "good guys". Just because Hillary = bad does not mean Trump = good.