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Seems as if the american car market is purposely priming itself for a Chinese take over. It's almost as if there's an agenda afoot. If I were an evil master planner, I'd call it Agenda 21.

Just made that up, by the way.

What do faucets, drywall, dog food, lumber, seafood, cosmetics and toothpaste all have in common? They are all much less complex than an automobile to manufacture and China has managed to screw each of them up in large scale, epic fashion. If China was a brand it would best be represented by the moist, musty underside underneath a dog turd. Rich people won’t buy any because they’re sophisticated enough to know better. Middle class people will buy some and will inevitably get burned because China cares not one whit about long term customer relationships or customer service.

I agree its a long slow chase to the bottom...in 50 years there will be all new people.