Ford Shifts Electric Production to Mexico, Start Autonomous Tests Here

Ford will shift some electric SUV vehicle production to Mexico and start self-driving tests in the US in 2018.

President Trump is guaranteed to be unhappy with this announcement: Ford Now Plans to Move Production of Electric SUVs From Michigan to Mexico.

The SUV to be built in Mexico starting in 2020 will go 300 miles on a single charge and is the centerpiece of a planned $4.5 billion overhaul of Ford’s lineup to add 13 electric or hybrid models. Ford has been viewed by Wall Street as playing catch-up to rivals such as Tesla Inc. and General Motors Co., which already sells the battery-powered Chevy Bolt and plans to introduce robot taxis in 2019.

Moving production of the as-yet-unnamed electric SUV to Mexico will allow the carmaker to boost production of self-driving vehicles at its factory in Flat Rock, Michigan, according to its plans revealed late Wednesday.

Self-Driving Test 2018

The automaker said on Thursday that it would test self-driving prototypes in various pilot programs with partners such as Lyft, the ride services company in which rival General Motors Co. owns a minority stake, and Domino’s Pizza Inc. However, Ford has still not decided whether to operate its own on-demand transportation service.

Ford vs GM

Competition in the self-driving space is heating up.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

“Looking for a clear path” screens facing the driver and passengers read several times during the trip, when the car stopped next to some traffic cones or behind double-parked vehicles. After pauses, it restarted and passed the obstacles by itself.
A taco truck was too much, though. "

The GM Cruise car stopped several times - for no legitimate reason - during a 15 minute 2.2 mile drive and they gave up altogether after it stopped behind a taco truck. The very GM car they say will be a robo taxi by 2019 . 2.2 miles stopped several times. They could not get the car to drive 3 miles on a clear and sunny day.

What do I think?

Meh, I'll believe it when they start partnering with Diageo and MADD and all the other alcohol related organizations.

Important But Topic Off ,Sorry

I've given up all hope on Trump. I don't expect him to say a word about Ford moving production to Mexico. I don't expect him to build a wall. I don't expect him to crush ISIS and bring the troops home. I do expect Trump to implement the standard conservative swamp pablum: tax cuts, jacked up military spending, jacked up debt, and killing lots of people in the Middle East. Renaming him Barack Hillary Trump.

Electric and self driving are two separate things. Electric is here and will continue to grow. Self driving is at least 5 years away. There's been a lot of progress and I would say they're 90% there, but the last 10% will take a very very long time.

Our gov. is mandating to turn the entire US fleet of cars over to electric it will take years. I can see the difficulty self driving cars are going to have competing with 80 per hour commuters. The Red Barchetta will become a reality