FAANGS Make Up Over 27% of the Nasdaq Index. a New Record

If you think buying the Nasdaq 100 index is a diversified bet on technology, you are mistaken.

The FAANG block of Facebook Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Apple Inc., Netflix Inc. and Google now account for over 27 percent of the NASDAQ Composite Index, a new all-time high.

Buffett is buying Apple. I do not think any of them are worth the price.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

@TheLege told me that he can profitably short these sort of things with Wednesday PUT options


Buffet is holding his nose , if you can't beat them join them,although he may be late to the game

I saw that. He wrote Apr18, which I immediately interpreted as the April 2018 options
. For whatever reason you have decided he meant April 18th.

I have crunched Apple's figures particularly in China. Independent surveys prior to Apple's launch of its results showed that Apple sank to 5th place in a market where the volume of smartphones fell be 21% to levels last seen in 2013. Then along comes Tim Cook to declare au contraire, actually we were the biggest smartphone sellers and the value of our sales increased by 21%. Difficult to reconcile.