Crypto Bloodbath Amid Widespread Equity and Bond Carnage: VIX Breakout

The cryptocurrency selloff continued along with strong pullbacks in equities and bonds. The VIX is on the rise.

The top 20 cryptocurrencies are all in the red as of 1:50 Central.

Only ten of the top 200 cryptocurrencies are in the green.

This corresponds to a broad market selloff.​

Commodities Selloff Small

Gold is down a mere 0.10%. Gold and silver have been flirting with or even above break-even much of the day.

VIX Breakout

The last VIX daily close above 13 was on November 14, 2017 at 13.13.

The last VIX weekly close above 13 was on August 12, 2017 at 14.13.

Time for fireworks?

I do not know if this is the start of a major sell-off but one is long overdue, and it could be very ugly.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

SO many ways to lose your "wealth". LOL....

Today's crypto sell-off won't phase crypto bulls, except maybe for the very very most recent purchasers. Most players are holding huge unrealized gains, and they won't pay attention until there's a 50% down day.

There can't be a sell off. It's a new paradigm, and, if not that, at least we can be confident that we've achieved a new permanently high plateau. ;)

Perhaps the markets are worried about Trump's speech?

BOJ Unexpectedly Boosts Bond Buying Operation To Halt Rise In Yields ...

Oh my, here is a central bankster's teets that are on offer again. How do these central banksters plan to pull it off (QT and interest rate) ALL AT ONCE without toppling the financial system.

This is what happens when you know ONLY how to dig and get into a hole. You are screwed on the way back!

When you plan a heist, you should also plan your getaway.

A rise in bond yields or sell-off in stocks will soon bring the central banksters out of the woodwork. Jail these bas$%^@&

The drop in equities was due to amazon getting into the health care business. Massive selloff in health care led the drop. It's a one time thing. Not the start of a trend.

14 November 2017 would have been a great day to buy stocks ... just saying ...

Things that routinely go up or down 10% in a day, like a penny stock, are clearly solid investments.

There was no inversion on 20-Year as someone typed earlier