Burger Flipping Robot Starts First Shift at California Restaurant

"Flippy" is now on active duty.

Flippy, a burger-flipping robot, has begun work at a restaurant in Pasadena, Los Angeles. It is the first of dozens of locations for the system, which is destined to replace human fast-food workers.

Flippy is being installed in 50 locations.

Each flippy costs $60,000 and costs $12,000 a year to operate. One Flippy can cook 12 burgers. A worker making $15 an hour, 40 hours a week, working 50 weeks a year would cost $31,200 plus benefits (assuming 2 weeks paid vacation).

But Flippy can work two shifts and it never gets sick. For it to be employed in 50 locations, someone must think Flippy is worth it.

There is another video in the first link.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

I'll be impressed the day that "Flippy" can fetch the uncooked burgers from the freezer, cook them, put them into buns, spit in them, add lettuce, slice and add tomato, add sauces according to customer preference, put the finished burgers into boxes and take them to the customers.

Automation is the result of human ingenuity and creativity. It has resulted in the elimination of work that is dangerous, repetitive, boring and often low paid. It has created far better jobs that are safer, interesting, and higher paid. Automation has created far more jobs than it has eliminated. It has resulted in a better standard of living in aggregate. It has been happening for hundreds of years, and it will continue for hundreds of years more. It will only stop when humans lose their ability to be creative. Those who fight it end up worse off. Those who embrace it end up as winners. As an individual, all you can do is to make sure you acquire the education and skills necessary to be gainfully employed in the world you live in. You must adapt to the world. It will not change to suit you. (Survival of the fittest.) As a country, you either embrace the future and become a leader, or you fight the future and become a backwater. Trump wants to move America backwards. His supporters cheer him on in his attempts to turn America into a third world country. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It’s fascinating, yet so horrifying!

@whirlaway, don't blame mish or the banksters. the essence of technology has been: what can be automated, will be.

@Realist, if the proverbial $#!+ ever hits the fan, i image the ones who can live off the land (some may call those backwaters) may be the fittest.

Hi xil. I’m uncertain what your vision of the future is; some sort of apocalypse, like Mad Max? I trust this is not something you are hoping for?