AR ban is a given at this point,chump gonna pull the trigger(lol) to get the heat off ,see he's already settin the table banning that bump stock.Next short barrel Ar's ,supressors,30 rd mag,20 rd mags,slap huge taxes on rds then move on to total assault ban

CA has already done most of that. However, there is actually no definition of what an "assault" gun is, which suits the anti-Second Amendment crowd just fine as they can call anything they want an "assault gun", and they do. The agenda is clear.

I have been monitoring the anti-Second Amendment agenda ever since the 1968 gun ban, and a consistent theme has been that the people who are against law abiding Americans owning guns are hopelessly ignorant about guns.

The school shooting was directly the NRA's fault. Not the shooter. Not the local cops who visited his home 39 times. Not the FBI who totally blew off at least two specific warnings about him (with pictures). Not Sheriff Israel (who we will be finding out much more about as the investigation progresses). Not the armed and trained "school resource officer" who failed to enter the school during the assault. No, it's the NRA's fault, even though the NRA is the one entity which has volunteered to work with schools, for free, to assess their risks. No, the NRA, which is the entity that developed and promoted the NCIS background check system (which many states do not provide data to). No, it's the NRA which has publicly said that no mentally ill person, no felon, no illegal alien, no one with a court ordered protection writ should own a gun. All of whom (illegals, felons, etc) are protected by the Democrat politicians.