I've followed your blog and I have a question about the layout of stories on the Maven site. I received email notification at 8:15 EDT Sunday with link to Inflation Irony story. No problem on the story, but I always have a problem with other stories on the rest of the page. I have clicked on 'NEWEST' settings for both Stories and Conversations. In the stories section, the first one I see is the Hussman article. All stories are side-by-side down the page, but timeline for articles are not in sequence on my computer. Hussman article is 6 days old and it is at top of list. A lot of stuff below Hussman article is much more recent. Why don't these articles load in sequence that you posted them? I find Maven site a total mess to decipher. Something wrong with my browser? (Edge)

Thanks - I will pass on

"Maven site a total mess to decipher" AGREE, holds back good conversations and commenting.