$9.5 Billion in Iran Boeing Deals Now Dead, Airbus Worse Off

Boeing and Airbus are among the first casualties in Trump's cancellation of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Following President Donald Trump’s scrapping of the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday and his imposition of what he called “powerful” sanctions, Boeing’s prospective sale to Iran of jets worth $9.5 billion is effectively dead for the foreseeable future.

For Boeing, it’s a lost opportunity rather than a blow to current plans.

In contrast, rival European jet maker Airbus, which won orders for 98 aircraft worth about $8.4 billion from Iran, formally added those sales to its order book and rushed to deliver the first airplanes as soon as it was legal.

A fiend with strong ties to Boeing commented:

  • Boeing never booked the orders, but Airbus did- so they will hurt more.
  • Airbus uses a lot of US parts ( like engines etc.) and thus subject to US sanctions. They do more business in US and elsewhere, so I expect they will comply w/ US sanctions.
  • The real tragedy is the Iran aircraft in service are very old and dangerous and not maintained. Boeing is not allowed to go there and repair. They have had a lot of crashes in recent years.

Former CIA Chief Comment

Those are my sentiments exactly.

Trump's move is so stupid in so many way. For further discussion, please see Trump Cancels Iran Deal: Complete Video - Well Delivered Lies and Innuendo.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Then it can slap together some F 15s to replace the ones the Russian s-400s shoot down.

Yup, war is a racket.

Mish a Trump "Fanboy" That's a hoot. I have been accused or the exact opposite. The fact of the matter is, and my posts prove it, I am an equal party basher. I do not give a rat's ass about party politics. I care about principles.

It's not really true that Airbus has to cancel the Iran deal. The customer chooses the engines for the plane, and there are some options: United Technologies (US), Rolls Royce (UK), Safran (Fr). They might look for Russian engines, but the problem is international service. The US as a reliable partner has gone out of the window, anyways.

And then, when some entrepreneurial Chinese outfit steps in to fill the void Boeing and Airbus are ceding (as in, selling planes to a part of the world where there is actually a growing population hence market for them….): The reliably well indoctrinated retard army, can be counted on to pump their fists in support of their assigned tyrant, babbling on about how the baaad, mean hobgoblin is “stealing” “our” “property,” And how “we” need to pay more taxes and higher prices to hire more tax feeders and provide more rent for the taxfeeders’ social circle to seek.

Good thing these blogs are anonymous (for commenters). There's no way on God's green earth I would state publicly
the Russians won the election for Trump or had any involvement. You need to be a special brand of stupid to believe that garbage. Sounds like you should turn MS TV off and start thinking for yourself. I'll concede though, it's a free world so believe what you will. Good luck.

Mish - I agree that entire region is like trying to buff a turd. Nothing against the people though. ...and you're right our sanctions only hurt the common man. But, we can't continue to fund these rogue gov'ts that take our money, profits, etc. and turn it against us. They all lie for their own purpose!! Boeing and Airbus will be fine.

I was against the Iran deal. But I was equally against cancelling it. Europe will not follow our lead on sanctions, Trump has no plan B and the U.S. gave up any ability to force Iran to abide by the current agreement. No one in the administration has communicated in a coherent fashion how walking from the deal achieves a U.S. aim

No organization has done more to undermine the confidence of the world community than the CIA. A tweet from Director Brennan isn’t worth anyone’s time. 9bn is a drop in the bucket relative to the arms sales that will result from ongoing conflict.

Please re read They aided Osama bin Ladin didn't plan it but nonethele
ss were complicit. As far a the Shiia Sunni antagonism, did anyone ever hear the phrase "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"???? Its well documented they , the Iranians , had their fingerprints in a minor capacity at least on the catasrophy. Obama as well as his minister thought we deserved it. That is why he was the worst POS ever as president

Totally agree, quoting Brennan is not persuasive to anyone who believes in non-interventionism.

Mish, commenting here barely works. I am not the first one to complain. Please get it fixed.

The web page you cited only shows that a judge accepted the arguments of the plaintiff. Note that it does NOT discuss the arguments of the defendant (Iran) in the case. The reason is that Iran, as a sovereign nation, does not recognize American court's jurisdiction, and did not provide any legal defense. Therefore the judge is required to find for the plaintiff. Unfortunately, it does not prove anything.

Commenting works here. It just works very differently than everyone expects it to. That's poor design, but once you get used to it, it's not that bad.

JonSellers, Mish, it's not the commenting design that is the problem. The comment box often freezes on me or is very slow. The same issue exists on my main computer and on my tablet. I have seen others complaining about this in the past few days.

If you want to guess at any foreign policy decisions by Trump, just assume he will do whatever Israel wants.

Europe will not be coerced into sanctions, and will fight back, making it illegal for companies to comply. Trump is probably just doing this for the show, and will never get meaningfull sanctions in place. Perhaps the European leaders already know this, and the whole thing is theatre.

US leadership in the world is gradually becoming a mockery.