Powell Put? I heard a story on the radio today while driving around, probably Bloomberg, that suggested that the Fed would hold off on rate hikes if there was a drop in the equity markets. I thought this was a comment from GS or JPM. I can't find any reference to the comment tonight. My impression of the comment was that the Fed, through GS or JPM, was trying to deliver a message to the markets that they will hold up the equity markets, ie a Powell Put. Have you heard anything like this? Or, am I just imaging things? It spooked me.

Bottom 90% always comes out a little roughed up. Who will be their champion?

Some of the pundits were expecting the new Fed Chair to get "tested" soon after taking office.

Yesterday two Fed Govs were out talking, and they seemed to be holding the position that 3 or 4 rate hikes are still on the table despite the volatility in equities. Did anyone see any evidence that the Fed was meddling in the markets today? It was quite a bounce off the lows today.

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