Still have not been able to find out how to delete an account. As I wrote before, I initially…

Still have not been able to find out how to delete an account. As I wrote before, I initially signed up using my Google login. Big mistake, as all notifications then went to my gmail account (used mainly for travel), even after specifying my preferred (home) email as "Contact Email." I sent a description of the problem to "" which is where The Maven website says to direct technical inquiries. However, two attempts failed. The emails were returned as undeliverable, stating that the "" email address does not exist.

I did sign up for a new account (under new user name) using my preferred email address. However, then I was receiving notifications at both email addresses. I blocked the notifications on gmail, so those now go to my spam folder, while notifications are received at my preferred email address inbox. This is better than before but still not the most desirable situation. Surely there must be a way to delete an account?

@washton I'll forward this to our engineers. I'm also not sure why our service email was bouncing. That's embarrassing and I apologize.

Thanks. Hope you folks can fix things.

I just posted it to our internal board and it's only Thursday night. We'll get it fixed. :-)

There is no way to delete an account now. Just turn off notifications and the account is effectively deleted

This is ticketed and marked "In Development" which means a dev is working on it. Someone is also addressing the email thing too. Thanks for sticking with us through this transition, it's been really gratifying reading Mish and your responses. As Mish said there is more layout improvements on the way as well as a how to guide to help people get the most out of the site. Keep checking back because we're trying to get into a rhythm of 2 releases a week. This isn't a platform we consider done by any stretch so your feedback is shaping the improvements that we work on every day.


OK, thanks