Some more website issues: 1) Can't untick "Following" top right hand corner, once "following" a channel can't in-follow. 2) When posting a comment to (Mish's) blogs the input div expands but does NOT show the "post" button or cancel option. Notify and Unnotify appears to be working now. Using windows 10, IE 11, Firefox or Edge.

@pgp I'm glad you got your notifications working, as for #2 that's what we call "a feature not a bug" and is something that a lot of people have commented on. For the replies there is no Post or Cancel button, only an Enter and an ESC key. I've been using it for so long that I've forgotten the difference until the commenters here brought it up. The real pain in the butt for people is that it's not clear at all that to add a new line you have to hold Shift+Enter and to send your message you have to hit Enter. Deciding to change that is above my pay grade but it still bites me from time to time. I'm pretty sure it's also the way Facebook does it too but I'm terrible at remembering details like that. If you do hit enter you can always hover over your message, click the ... button, click edit and keep typing. I think in that case you will get a post button (irony alert) but it works.

Other Quick Tips
If you want to quote someone, throw a > in front of what they said:

2) When posting a comment to (Mish's) blogs the input div expands but does NOT show the "post" button or cancel option.

You can emphasize with * ,_ ,and, ** and back-ticks (`,```) like this:

This text will be italic because it's surrounded by asterisks

This will also be italic because it's surrounded by underscores

This text will be bold because it's surrounded by two asterisks

this will be inline code style because it's surrounded by back-ticks

This shows up like a code block (alternate block quote) because of triple back-ticks 
so blah blah blah

Blah blah some more.

I've been meaning to post a how to guide somewhere on the maven on stuff like this so let me know if you think that would be helpful.


With regard to the feedback input DIV, be aware that mobile devices can't do shift-enter. They may also assume that if you're in an input field that all keys including line feed are part of what you are typing.

In other words, when using a mobile device it isn't clear how you enter feedback. Admittedly I'm using a windows phone here so that tends to fail the attention of most web developers.


In other words, to support touch screen and mobile devices you may need a post button - like the one that appears in an initial "ask mish" page or while editing a previous post for example.


Actually just to clarify the problem appears to be related to the use of Edge (which is the browser of no-choice for the windows phone). Toggling of most features is not working. For the desktop I'm using windows 10 professional (on a surface pro) (v1607 build 14393.1480). Windows phone is still at 8.1. Firefox v56.01 works well enough.

Sounds like a touch vs click event processing issue or something to do with all the fruit MS added into Edge for no good reason.


Edge!! We're working on the mobile keyboard funkiness right now. It's pretty bad so I'm super sorry. Lot's of layout fixes in the hopper for tonight though so it's not like we slept all day. :-)