Q: When does FDR 2.0, the next 20 year run of Democrats controlling the federal government, kick in? A: After the 2018 midterm elections.

Shortly before the 2018 elections, everyone will have processed the new SALT no-deduction effect in their April 15th IRS filing. Everyone will notice, like Obamacare cost increases, this is not a good deal for me. The new tax deal guts education by hammering local schools via the non-deductability of SALT. This is a poorly aimed bank shot at the teachers' union. Ditto for gutting grad students where they are paid $80 grand, collect $15 K and pay back $65K in tuition and are taxed on the whole $80K.

Since grad students do the bulk of teaching in college, another shot at the nation's teachers is a GOP hit below education's waterline. Everyone involved in education will start to go down and so leave the field. Local K-12 schools are hit and colleges are hit, as are the kids in them. When families understand what has happened to their kids' education prospects, they will see the GOP has hollowed out education the way NAFTA hollowed out US manufacturing, moving it away from our families. Then, the older generation and the parenting generation will vote their wallets and for their children's future and the GOP will go away for a generation or more, like it did under FDR and Truman. This is one poorly thought out tax deal because by the time the education-consuming families get through with the GOP, the Republicans will be history.

My god the sky is falling. I bet you miss Obamanation. You must also believe 10's of thousands will die when the penalty for not buying overpriced pay for nothing insurance is eliminated.

FDR 2.0?

The Newt Gingrich-led shutdown in 1995 is the preview to voter outrage when they see what comes out of the All GOP tax reform- making hash of education funding. Give it until the 2018 tax season is over. The only shot to grow is through education and when the GOP is cast as the Grinch who stole schooling from the kids, the blowback will be huge and long-lived. The media hasn’t even yet discovered the topic but when the grade school teachers start giving impact interviews, parents will see the financial downside and educational reverses as GOP programs. The GOP will not likely recover anytime soon.