Net Neutrality certainly has all my friends/family up in arms on both sides of the debate. Emotions are high. Most of the stronger (and, frankly, better) propaganda is in support of Net Neutrality. Thus, people (especially millenials) are convinced that the end of net neutrality is the end of the internet. I would love to see an article by you citing pros and cons of net neutrality, along with your opinion on whether it is good or bad for our economy and society.

I have mixed feelings - mainly about stifling of competition. But it seems reasonable to charge more for those constantly streaming videos. Need to think about this some more

I'm also concerned about lack of competition, and wonder why our anti-monopoly laws are not used more often as they were with AT&T long ago. Seems like our government is no longer concerned about large corporations dominating certain industries to the point where competition is unlikely. I assume collusion between our government and large companies :-)