Mish why wont your site come up on my android

let me get back I have to step out for a bit thanks for getting back to em

ok Mish I have Android 6.0.1.

@spokane I'm one of the engineers so I may be able to help you. (Sorry I'm just seeing this now.) The mobile web version should load better for you today than it did last week because we just released a fix to limit the size of all the images and cache our scripts more efficiently. The end result should be much faster mobile loads but I'm waiting for the data on that to come it. There are still some things we want to do to improve it but really we'd probably rather (and you would probably rather) use the actual android app once it's released because it will be native and therefore faster to get around in. With that said, I'm an android user and I've never had any problems using the chrome browser on our site and I use it a lot, so let me know what you are seeing today if you can. Thanks,

Thank you Mish is one my go to blogs on a daily basis Edgar

Mish came up thank you as soon as app for android comes up I will use that