Mish I wrote a text document that aggregated together about all the key figures on the money supply in the stock market and then put it on the front page of my website. Check it out.

I will create a chart of one measure that I follow, perhaps more


Mish I screwed the accompanying explanation up, it's all margin debt, margin debt far exceeds cash: I thought "margin debits" meant cash, it does not, it just means outstanding-debt. That's finance for you with its inconsistent terminology.


January figures are out in the above link. Margin debt grew to a whopping 666 billion dollars whilst actual credit in the market continues to dribble away, I suppose to service the immense margin debt and/or to chase better returns in bonds and other money markets; Dalio's great "sidelines."

The question is, why should stocks attract cash back from Dalio's sideline market accounts?