Mish, I've been reading your site(s) for ten years now. This new format is horrendous. It may well be fine for somebody passing by, but for regular readers trying to find the latest posts its a visual nightmare. You already have four columns at the top, Top Stories, Global Economics, Global Politics, and Ask Mish. Would it be possible to add a new column to that list like 'Most Recent' (any term would do!) which just had your all posts in simple chronological order? One column much preferred, or at least a defined sequence like first left, first middle, first right, second left, etc. Several readers commented in your welcome post for this new site similar frustrations. If it is possible, it seems to me that adding that would keep the existing look for anyone chancing on the page, but those of us who check in a couple of times a day to see what has been updated -- both for your content and the replies -- would be easily able to do so. Would you consider something like that?

I second bemused...

It would also be great to have the option to turn off the "Ask Mish" comments from the "Most Recent". This way, someone interested in just the articles, would be able to read those, without any extras...


Post come up in order on mobile. Is your setting set to popular or newest. The first signups may be set tp popular.To the right of ASK Mish is a button. Click on that and set to newest . Yjiong might be off by a place or two and I hope to get that fixed, but things should be in general order of newest first